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The Evolution of IV Poles: How Nurses Benefit

As a nurse, you’re no stranger to the importance of IV poles in patient care. However, not all IV poles are created equal, and the right pole can make your job significantly easier. This blog explores the evolution of IV poles, highlighting the benefits of different varieties and innovations.


From Star Bases to Nesting: The Changing Face of IV Poles

Star Base IV Poles

The classic star base IV pole has been a reliable staple in hospitals for years, offering stability and durability. Their classic design provides unmatched support for IV fluids, while the star base ensures a low center of gravity for reduced tipping.


Nesting IV Poles

Nesting IV poles offer a clever solution to the storage issue. Their design allows multiple poles to fit snugly together, saving valuable storage space. This feature is especially useful during shift changes or emergencies when quick access to IV poles is crucial.


The latest innovation, the SS07NEST IV pole, combines the stability of a star base with the convenience of a nesting design. Its weighted base ensures stability, even with multiple IV bags attached, and its nesting capability saves space in storage areas. This design is perfect for busy healthcare environments where efficiency and safety are paramount.


Specialised IV Poles for Critical Care

IV Pump Charging Poles

In critical care settings, IV pump charging poles offer specialised support for infusion pumps. These poles often include multiple hooks and charging ports, allowing you to efficiently manage multiple infusions while keeping equipment powered and ready for use.

For environments where electronic monitoring is crucial, IV pump charging poles are invaluable. They provide charging capabilities for electronic devices, ensuring that patient monitoring and care are never compromised.

The Importance of Weighted Bases

Non-weighted IV poles pose a risk of falling, which can endanger patients and disrupt treatment. Weighted bases, like those used in Emery Industries’ IV poles, enhance safety by providing stability. This is especially important in busy hospitals where the risk of accidents must be minimised.

Enhancing Cleanliness with Teastain Remover

Maintaining clean equipment is vital for infection control. Tea stains, despite the name, aren’t caused by tea! They’re a form of surface corrosion caused by everyday use, especially in harsh environments like hospitals. Minerals and contaminants from cleaning solutions, saline drips, and even sweat can build up, creating unsightly brown or yellow patches. While tea stains don’t affect the structural integrity of the IV pole, they can appear dull and unprofessional. The Teastain Remover is a specialised solution designed to remove stains and discoloration from stainless steel IV poles. This product helps keep IV poles in a well-maintained condition, which is crucial for maintaining a hygienic environment.



If you’re looking for high-quality, stable, and versatile IV poles for your hospital, explore the range of IV poles offered by Emery Industries. Together, we can create a safer and more efficient healthcare environment for you and your patients.