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SS07NEST – IV Pole Nesting Base – THE BOOMERANG

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  • Space saving – Nesting IV Pole with a sleek curved base and no sharp ends
  • For Infection control purposes we have engineered the BOOMERANG:- – to minimise base welds/joins reducing areas for potential bacteria – positioned the castors so that they are covered by the base
  • The Boomerang is adjustable for gravity feed; The Nesting Base (total IV Pole weight is 11kg)
  • We have added extra weight in the base to create a lower centre of gravity for increased IV pole stability – 2 x Pigs Tail IV bag holder



Product Code: SS07NEST
Item: IV Pole Nesting Base – THE BOOMERANG
Dimensions: 530 x 530 x (1400-2300mmH) (Option for larger base)
Castors: 5 x 75mm Standard Swivel Castors
Construction: #304 Stainless Steel/Welded