Do you want a more in-depth look at what Emery Industries can bring to your healthcare facility, veterinary clinic, laboratory or school? Our catalogue range features many of our and you can view our past examples of projects we have completed here. We are incredibly proud of all the work we have completed over the years, and love to share our accomplishments with everyone.

Simply download our guides above in PDF format for detailed insight into how your facility can benefit from working with Emery Industries. Each of the guides include a background to Emery Industries as a business and the services we provide. We believe in total clarity and are completely happy to share our information with any clients, customers and partners.

Here at Emery we have complete flexibility and are not limited to the products configurations and featured in our catalogue. Our versatile, skilled team are always happy to take on new projects and challenges. To discuss how we could tailor our services and products to your needs, please call us on 1300 618 100. Whatever you are looking for, the Emery Industries team will be able to help.