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Emery 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee

Workmanship Guarantee

Emery Industries 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee shows how confident we are in our manufactured products. This workmanship guarantee is for all our Emery Stainless Steel products that are manufactured in house at Arundel on the Gold Coast. We have known for many years that our products set the bench mark for the highest quality in the industry.  As such Emery Industries has always had a philosophy of continuous improvement as we constantly strive to understand our markets functional requirements and work diligently to meet these needs.

Our Workmanship Commitment

Emery Industries has a firm commitment to an innovative product that is solutions based. As an Australian Manufacturer Emery Industries provide an exceptionally high standard of workmanship, service and value added design. Emery Industries prides ourselves with having the highest skill in manufacturing to deliver exceptional outcomes in Clinical applications for every product supplied every time. 

Our equipment is designed to meet the rigors of use in 24 hour by 7 day operations. One of the reasons why we can confidently offer a warranty period that is 2 times the industry standard. 

Our simple maths example of what we mean is shown below

Our units actually save you money and the hassle and additional expense of going through the procurement cycle again for the same item in a much shorter time frame.

When it’s your favourite, you favour it! Sure! Our equipment does last longer and more than that, it gets more use during its working life because people prefer using it – No one leaves an Emery in the corner!

Please purchase our products knowing that we are extremely confident that we offer the best value Australian manufactured range of solution based products.