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SP660.1-SB – Electric Height Adjustable Table

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Introducing the Emery Industries High-Low Electric Height Adjustable Table, an exemplary model of ergonomic design in medical and food processing equipment. This table, known for its reliability and sturdy construction, is ideal for healthcare and hospitality environments where versatility and safety are paramount.

High-Low Battery Operated Height Adjustable Table: Features and Flexibility

The High-Low Electric Height Adjustable Table features a smooth, battery-powered mechanism that allows for easy height adjustments from 800mm to 1450mm. This flexibility ensures that all healthcare and hospitality professionals can work comfortably, whether they are sitting or standing, thereby reducing the risk of strain injuries and increasing overall productivity in medical settings.

Ergonomic Design and Safety

Constructed with high-quality stainless steel and welded for enhanced durability, the table is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of a medical environment. It comes equipped with a lower stainless steel wire shelf, strategically positioned at 300mm from the floor to comply with OH&S standards, minimising the need for excessive bending and lifting.

The table is fitted with precision ball bearing castors, which absorb the weight of the unit and allow for effortless movement across different surfaces. With two locking and two swivel castors, it offers both stability and mobility, ensuring that it can be easily repositioned or securely stationed as needed.

For added safety, the table incorporates full safety folds, a standard feature across all Emery Industries products, which helps prevent accidents by eliminating sharp edges.

Commitment to Quality

Emery Industries is committed to excellence and stands behind this product with a 10-Year Workmanship Guarantee. Manufactured in-house at our Arundel facility on the Gold Coast, this table not only meets but sets the highest standards of quality in the industry.

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Product Code SP660.1
Item: Height Adjustable Table – Electric 240V
Dimensions: 1500w x 750d x (800 to 1450)h
Shelves: 1 x Lower Stainless Steel Wire Shelf (450 x 1250)
Castors: 4 x 125mm, 2 x Locking 2 x Swivel
Other: Electric Plug in Style
Construction: Stainless Steel / Welded