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SP575.3 – Height Adjustable Autopsy Trolley

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Introducing the SP575.3, a state-of-the-art Height Adjustable Autopsy Trolley by Emery Industries. Designed with precision and crafted for efficiency, this trolley is an indispensable tool for medical professionals.

The Height Adjustable Autopsy Trolley boasts a robust construction, made entirely of stainless steel and welded to perfection. Its dimensions stand at 2100L x 700W, with an adjustable height ranging from 725-1025H. The trolley’s top surface is a wet tabletop, complete with a drain hole at the foot end, ensuring a clean and efficient workspace. The tapered bottom section extends 300mm from the foot end, expanding to 660mm in width.

Mobility is a standout feature. With precision ball bearing castors, the weight of the unit is efficiently absorbed, allowing for effortless movement. This battery-operated unit ensures seamless height adjustments, accommodating various autopsy requirements. For added convenience, a sidestep has been integrated for better leverage during autopsies.

Safety and functionality go hand in hand with the Height Adjustable Autopsy Trolley. It comes equipped with two half-length removable side rails, which can be conveniently stored on the side of the unit. The push handle is removable and can be stored at the head end of the unit. The trolley’s height adjustment ranges from 725mm to 1025mm, operated by a foot control unit. Additional features include a Lever Lock System, full aluminum exterior housing for lifting columns, and a sidestep for enhanced leverage during autopsies.

Emery Industries takes pride in its products, offering a 10-Year Workmanship Guarantee for all in-house manufactured stainless steel products. This commitment to quality ensures that our Height Adjustable Autopsy Trolley sets the benchmark in the industry.

For those keen on exploring more specialized equipment tailored for mortuary needs, we invite you to visit our mortuary trolley category page. With Emery Industries, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re investing in unmatched quality and innovation.


Part Number: SP575.3
Item: Height Adjustable Autopsy Trolley
Dimensions: 2100L x 700W x 725-1025H
Top Surface: Wet Tabletop with drain hole at the foot end
Tapered Bottom Section: 300mm from the foot end of the table to 660mm wide
Rails: 2 half-length removable side rails (can be hung on side of trolley for storage) fitted at the head end of unit
Handle: Push handle – Removable and stored at the head end of unit
Height Adjustment: 725mm – 1025mm (300mm)
Power Source: Battery Operated unit (Removable Battery for charging and storage when cleaning) Battery not to be stored in the freezerBattery rated at IP65 – water resistant – not to be hosed – battery mounted near head-end
Castors: 150mm Full Stainless Castors (1 x Swivel, 2 x Braked, 1 x Directional)
Weight Capacity: 350Kgs
Operation: Foot control unit to operate height adjustment – mounted near head-end
Other: – Lever Lock System – to lock in Autopsy sink
– Full Aluminium exterior housing for lifting columns
– Sidestep for better leverage when conducting autopsy’s
Construction: Stainless Steel/Welded

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