MTWA-34696-WHT – Waterloo Phlebotomy Collection Cart

MTWA-34696-WHT – Waterloo Phlebotomy Collection Cart

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The Waterloo All-in-One cart was purpose built to minimize trips back to the lab for fresh supplies. This cart offers a variety of storage compartments and tilt bins. With it’s unique design, customers have also utilized this cart as an IV cart, Suture cart and more.

Other features include:

  • Internal sharps container
  • Internal trash container
  • Tilt bins
  • Drawers with removable divider trays




The Waterloo Multipurpose/Phlebotomy cart allows longer runs and minimizes the number of trips between patient rooms and the lab.  Unique design elements such as built-in clear tilt bins and removable divided drawer trays make for a very functional cart that can serve a multitude of purposes beyond Phlebotomy.

12 see-through plastic tilt bins built right into the cart’s front, show bin contents for fast and easy access!
Externally mounted glove box and paper holder facilitate easy access to needed supplies.
The integrated lockable sharps container holder and the tilt-out waste receptacle complete this cart’s well-rounded offering.
Waterloo Multipurpose/Phlebotomy Carts are constructed of a hybrid blend of Steel, aluminium and plastic to create a lightweight cart that is still very sturdy.

Product Description

Part Number: MTWA-34696-WHT
Item: Waterloo Phlebotomy/Specimen Collection Cart
Dimensions: 659w x 610d x 1143h mm
Drawers: (1) 269w x 419d x 76h mm
(2) 269w x 419d x 102h mm
(3) 269w x 419d x 152h mm
(4) 269w x 419d x 229h mm
(5) 229w x 419d x 152h mm

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