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AO – Under Shelf Light

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The benefits of our LED light hood (AO-Under Shelf Light) are:

  • The light has been upgraded to LED technology to provide a clean and cool light that enhances visibility
  • The hood has been redesigned to have a curved shape that provides full coverage of the bench surface plus 200mm over the edge to support light coverage for raised wrapping
  • The hood also prevents unwanted rear light from shining behind the unit into other staffs eyes when the units are used back-to-back, ensuring a safe work environment
  • The light hood has been designed to work seamlessly with our height adjustable tables (SP660, SP662 product ranges) and wrap stations (SP537, SP534 product ranges)


Under Shelf Light

  • 1200mm, 240V Strip Light Fitted Under Height Adjustable Table Shelf
  • Other: Mounted During Manufacture



under shelf light hood