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AO-Shelf-Splashback 02

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Please note, this is supply only, to be fitted by a licensed plumber

AO-Shelf-Splashback 02

AO-Shelf-Splashback 02
Item: Stainless Steel Splashback Shelf (Full Length)
Dimensions: Splashback Length x 200mm Deep
Permanent Fixture to Splashback


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Type of mixer

AO-S-Mixer 1, AO-S-Mixer 1.1, AO-S-Mixer 1.2, AO-S-Mixer 1-G, AO-S-Mixer 1-GL-SS, AO-S-Mixer 2.1-C, AO-S-Mixer 2.1-G, AO-S-Mixer 2.1-GAL, AO-S-Mixer 2.1-TRA, AO-S-Mixer 2-C, AO-S-Mixer 2-G, AO-S-Mixer 3, AO-S-Mixer 4, AO-S-Mixer 4.1, AO-S-Mixer 5, AO-S-Mixer 6, AO-S-Mixer 7-GL