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Streamline Medication Management with Custom Shelving

Pharmacy management within healthcare settings is crucial for efficient patient care but comes with challenges, particularly regarding the organisation and accessibility of medications. Nurses who work in hospital wards frequently encounter frustrations with traditional pharmacy shelving, which can impede their ability to provide timely and effective care.


Nurses face several specific challenges with traditional pharmacy shelving, including:

 Inefficient Space Utilisation: Conventional shelves often fail to make the most of available space, leading to clutter and disorganisation that can slow down medication retrieval.

Lack of Adaptability: Fixed shelving doesn’t easily adapt to changing medication sizes or the hospital’s evolving needs, creating logistical headaches for staff.

Safety and Compliance Issues: Poorly designed shelving can increase the risk of medication errors and make it difficult to secure controlled substances properly.


Customised Shelving Solutions from Emery Industries

To tackle these challenges, Emery Industries offers customisable pharmacy shelving solutions that cater specifically to the needs of hospitals. These shelving units are designed to enhance the efficiency of pharmacy operations and address the direct concerns of nursing staff:

Adjustable and Modular Design: Our shelving units can be configured to maximise space utilisation and are adaptable to accommodate different medication types and sizes, helping to keep the pharmacy well-organised.

Increased Storage Capacity: EPS shelving can increase storage space by up to 45-50% within the same physical footprint. This optimisation allows for a more organised and accessible setup, crucial for fast-paced hospital environments.

Efficient Stock Management: By incorporating the FIFO (First-In, First-Out) inventory principles, EPS shelving ensures that older stock is used before newer stock, which is essential for managing medication expiry dates and reducing waste.

Triangular Pill Counting Tray

Introducing the Triangular Pill Counting Tray

Further supporting pharmacy efficiency, Emery Industries introduces the SP96 Triangular Pill Counting Tray a tool designed to streamline the pill counting process, which is often a time-consuming task in hospital settings. Its ergonomic design reduces waste and increases accuracy in medication preparation, making it an invaluable asset for nurses and pharmacists alike.

Emery Industries: Your Partner in Healthcare Efficiency

These solutions not only alleviate common frustrations experienced by nurses but also contribute to a more efficient, safe, and patient-focused environment.

Explore how our products can transform your healthcare facility’s pharmacy operations by visiting our Pharmacy Shelving Solutions. At Emery Industries, we provide solutions that meet the unique needs of today’s healthcare professionals, ensuring they have the products necessary to deliver the highest standard of care.



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