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SP96 – Triangular Pill Counting Tray

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Emery Industries has meticulously designed the Triangular Pill Counting Tray, setting a new standard for precision and efficiency in pharmacy operations. Specifically tailored for round medications, this innovative tool simplifies the counting process for pharmacists, turning a time-consuming task into a swift and accurate operation. The tray’s thoughtful design includes a clear legend for quick row counting, significantly enhancing productivity by facilitating rapid calculations. This feature improves efficiency and minimizes errors, ensuring accurate prescription dispensing every time.

The Triangular Pill Counting Tray’s distinctive triangular shape is more than an aesthetic choice; it’s a functional innovation intended to streamline the sorting and counting of pills. This design choice makes the counting process less prone to mistakes, demonstrating Emery Industries’ commitment to creating solutions that address the practical challenges healthcare professionals face.

Ease of maintenance stands out as a key feature of the tray. Its smooth, non-porous surface ensures easy cleaning, allowing pharmacies to maintain the highest standards of hygiene effortlessly.

For pharmacies looking to elevate operational efficiency, integrating the Triangular Pill Counting Tray with our innovative EPS Pharmacy Shelving offers a comprehensive solution. This powerful synergy between high-quality pharmacy tools and adaptable shelving solutions significantly enhances functionality and the service quality of your pharmacy. Embracing this integrated approach from Emery Industries positions your pharmacy as a leader in efficient, patient-centered service. This blend of cutting-edge tools and storage solutions not only optimizes pharmacy workflows but also sets new standards in patient care, marking your establishment as a benchmark in the healthcare sector.