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Advancing Patient Comfort with High-Quality Overbed Tables

In the demanding environment of hospital wards, nurses are continuously seeking ways to enhance patient care while ensuring the safety and efficiency of their staff. A key element often overlooked is the overbed table – an essential piece of hospital furniture. High-quality overbed tables, like those from Emery Industries play a crucial role in advancing patient comfort and supporting nurses in their daily tasks.



Functionality and Efficiency


Limited Workspace

Nurses require a functional workspace. Tables with inadequate surface area or impractical designs may not suffice for the equipment and supplies needed, leading to inefficiency and increased physical strain from retrieving items.


Height Adjustment Issues

Tables that don’t adjust smoothly or offer limited height options can hinder essential patient care tasks, impacting the overall quality of care.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Complex designs or intricate mechanisms can make cleaning and maintenance cumbersome, an unnecessary addition to the already heavy workload of nursing staff.


Incompatibility with Medical Equipment

The compatibility of overbed tables with various medical equipment is crucial. Incompatibility can limit their utility in diverse patient care scenarios.

Emery Industries’ Overbed Tables: A Solution to the Challenges


Emery Industries addresses these pain points head-on with our range of overbed tables. These tables are designed considering the needs of both patients and nursing staff, offering a blend of safety, functionality, and ease of use.

Enhancing Patient Safety and Comfort

The tables are engineered for stability, eliminating the risk of tipping over. Rounded edges and concealed mechanisms enhance patient safety.


Ergonomic Design for Nurses

Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, these tables reduce physical strain on nurses. Height adjustment mechanisms are smooth and user-friendly, allowing for quick and effortless positioning.


Optimized for Infection Control

With non-porous surfaces and minimal crevices, the tables are easy to clean and disinfect, supporting rigorous infection control protocols.

Maximizing Functionality and Workspace

The spacious tabletops provide ample space for meals, medications, and personal items, ensuring everything a patient needs is within reach.


Simplified Cleaning and Maintenance

The sleek, uncomplicated design simplifies cleaning, a vital aspect in busy hospital settings.


Compatibility with Medical Equipment

Designed to integrate seamlessly with various medical devices and equipment, these tables are versatile and adaptable to different care settings.



The choice of overbed tables in hospital wards significantly impacts patient care and nursing efficiency. Nurses must consider these factors when selecting this essential piece of furniture. Emery Industries’ overbed tables provide a solution that meets the needs of modern healthcare environments, ensuring patient comfort and safety while aiding nurses in delivering top-quality care.

Incorporating these well-designed tables into hospital wards is a step towards creating a more efficient, safe, and patient-centric environment.