Made in Qld – Fibre Laser to Gold Coast

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MadeinQld GrantState grant brings lasers to Gold Coast company

Gold Coast specialist manufacturer Emery Industries is set to become more competitive overseas by increasing productivity up to 200 per cent, thanks to a $135,500 Palaszczuk Government grant.
Minister for State Development Dr Anthony Lynham said Emery Industries would use the Made in Queensland grant to install a fibre laser cutter.

“This technology is designed to cut reflective materials to slash the processing time for products ranging from stainless steel trolleys, height adjustable tables and medical products,” Dr Lynham said.

“The combination of Emery Industries’ vision and the State Government’s investment means their eight employees will have secure, highly-skilled jobs into the future.
“This factory transformation will ensure Emery is internationally competitive.”

The family-owned Gold Coast company has been operating for 15 years.
Queensland’s $20 billion manufacturing sector already employs 169,000 people. The Palaszczuk Government has a 10-year plan to transition the state’s manufacturing sector to more advanced manufacturing high-paid, knowledge-based jobs.

“Upskilling our workforce is an important part of this program and with the introduction of this technology employees of Emery Industries will be achieving just that,” Dr Lynham said.

“This is just another example of the strong appetite for innovation in Queensland’s manufacturing industry.”

 IMG_0161 IMG_0164
 IMG_0173 IMG_0427


Emery Industries would like to thank the Qld Government, for firstly considering us for this grant, and for actually believing in us enough to award us this grant. This will significantly aid our company in moving our vision towards exporting our great products we produce locally to a wider global market, as will as increasing our workforce with new skills and exposure to the latest technologies.

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National Day Hospitals (Sydney 31 August – 2 September 2017) and SAPNA (Adelaide 8-9 September 2017) Conferences

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We would like to extend an invitation to you, to visit us at the next 2 conferences. There are lots of new products and ideas to see and discuss.


We are at Booth T25

Southee Pavilion Hall 5A – 5B
Sydney Showground
1 Showground Road
Sydney Olympic Park
NSW 2127

This year’s program will consist of a blend of workshops and plenary sessions covering the 3 main focus areas of Management, Business Development and the Clinical aspects of running a day hospital and small hospital facility.




Perioperative Practice for a BOLD NEW WORLD

We are at Booth 41

Adelaide Convention Centre
North Terrace
Adelaide, South Australia 5000 Australia

This diverse program with plenary sessions, Clinical presentations and Perioperative updates over two days represents an excellent opportunity to become stronger as professionals, network, and build partnerships amongst our colleagues, peers, leaders and Health.

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PNAQ 2017

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On behalf of my great team, we would sincerely like to that all who took the time to come and see us at our stand. We hope you learnt somehthing new as a result of this and encourage you to contact us to discuss how we can be of further assistance for you.


James Emery 


Anyone up for a pot of tea??

It has been a great start to this years PNAQ in Toowoomba.

Please come and see us if you are enjoying the conference to see our new products.

Our theme this year is “Mad Hatters Tea Party”

 IMG_0293 - mad hatter

Great turnout

Great turnout

 We look forward to seeing you there.


Emery Industries

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Australian Made or not???

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Australian Designed and Manufactured



Over the last 6 months I have been asked on several occasions, “which country do you buy your stainless steel products from?” and then looked surprised when the answer is that we make our stainless steel products in Australia and not source it all from China. Clients ask, “Is that true?” I find it odd that people still don’t really believe you even when they are given the answer directly from the “horse’s mouth”.  It’s clear many people, not the least our own clients, have absolutely no concept of where our products come from, or more importantly, know anything about the people who are creating them; so we thought we would clear a few things up. I have lost count of the number of times our customers have said our products are far superior in quality and design than our competitors.

Here are some truths about Emery Industries

Directly downstairs from where I am sitting in the Emery Industries Gold Coast factory, is where our production manager sits and manages our manufacturing team who are on the other side of his wall and who are all 100% employed by Emery Industries. The majority of this team are stainless steel sheet metal workers. They are cutting, bending, welding, grinding and polishing stainless steel products, every day. Emery Industries is a family-owned and operated business for the last 10 years manufacturing stainless steel products and we are committed to maintaining a strong Australian manufacturing presence.

To answer the question, do we make everything we sell? Some of these components do come from overseas due to much lower labour costs; however we do seek to purchase locally whenever we can.

The influx of imported stainless steel products in recent years has changed the market’s perception of what constitutes a fair and reasonable price point for some items. For the most part these are high volume ‘standard’ products that importers/distributors have found opportunity to source from Asia and sell into the Australian market in volume. To stay competitive and assure the long term viability of our position in the market, we have had to acknowledge and react to this change where necessary, or suffer the consequences.

If you want to get a product that is to meet a specific requirement (like it has to fit into the space and be able to store these products safely and hygienically), we are able to create bespoke designed solutions to meet your requirements. The old saying of good tradesman don’t blame the tools is true to a point, but when there is a better tool that makes the job quicker, easier and more enjoyable to use, you are going to get a much better end result.

Let’s not be fooled here, it is all about giving the best level of patient care, and we know our products have all been designed and manufactured with this in mind.

Getting the balance right

The market often forces us to source some products (like our wire shelving and baskets) where contractors and builders do not understand the different requirements in the medical industry, and are happy to push the cheapest product on their clients, with no consideration of suitability for the intended application. They don’t have to use it, so it purely becomes a decision related to margin for them.

Given this trend to push more and more products into builder’s packages, if we didn’t seek to find the best most competitive products at the right price point, we would most likely be employing less Australian workers, as we would have to cut our cost base to remain commercially viable. Getting this mix of locally designed and manufactured products and externally sourced products is a constant juggling act that we must perform to keep our workforce gainfully employed.

Important Note: When you buy any Emery Industries product, you are directly helping to maintain our Australian manufacturing team.

Going back to our wire shelving and baskets, it is important to note that these goods are made to our specifications to meet the demands of our market, and not some perceived requirements for third world markets. Our market demands the best, but doesn’t want to pay the price tag to have the products made here, so this is the best compromise we have available to us.

What does our Market expect?

There seems to be a shift in expectations from realizing it takes 2-4 weeks to manufacture your product, to we want it tomorrow for half the price. Most of this expectation has been set for generic products and the internet. This is due to the large volume of imported standard products, that in most cases you just put up with. It’s kind of a negative way to approach life, especially when it is actually a better decision to buy the right product the first time that is designed for your application that makes life easier and quicker, with fewer injuries. That is the good commercial sense that more decision makers need to be employing if they are serious about looking after their staff and creating a more profitable business environment. The life cycle of a product should be once of key consideration.

I read a book (“Living next door to a Millionaire” by Thomas J. Stanley) a few years back that opened my mind to the realization that the guy/gal, who buys the car he/she wants, keeps it for 10 years and looks after it, is considerably better off than the guy to buys a car and turns it over every 2-3 years to keep up with the trends. We follow this ethos everyday with every investment and procurement decision.

With that in mind and before you read on, if you’re a specifier or purchaser of stainless steel products, a contractor or a distributor, let me ask you, where do the stainless steel products you normally buy/specify really come from? From an Australian company probably, but who is being paid and trusted to fabricate them? How do you personally feel about the importance of supporting Australian manufacturing, of helping to keep Australian trades people employed and supporting our economy by buying from companies who employ and provide jobs to Australian trades people? The truth is, whilst there’s a lot of companies selling stainless steel products, the vast majority don’t actually make what they sell, nor do the products they sell get made in Australia. Today I saw on the website of an ‘Australian owned and operated’ company selling stainless steel products, a statement that they can custom manufacture a range of products for your next project. What if I was to say this company didn’t employ a single stainless steel sheet metal worker and that their ‘factory’ is in reality more like a ‘warehouse’ filled with products imported from Asia (mostly China) and that any ‘custom manufactured’ products they sold were really sub-contracted out to another undisclosed fabricator? Is that misleading? I don’t know the answer. It’s just a question. Yes, this is misleading, so why don’t you ask them for a factory tour next time?

A Snapshot of The Emery Industries Factory In Action

On a daily basis I take a walk through our manufacturing facility to see what products are going through the production line, to see what new manufacturing methods we’re utilising, to see what custom designs our clients are requesting, to find out what part of the world our products are being sent to and just to say “good morning” to our manufacturing team, some of whom have worked here for over 7 years. Walking through the factory Just Now, I saw the following products being made and others ready for shipment:

  • SS11 – 2 Drawer Dressing Trolley’s being made
 Welding-SS11 Factory-Welding-Team
 Height Adjustable Sinks being built  Height-Adjustable-Sinks-in-
 Assembly of the Pharmashelve Plus Pull out Drawers (POD’s) for our dispenser shelving  POD-Assembly2
 Goods in Dispatch this afternoon.  Dispatch-today
(SS40LR – Load Reducing Linen Skips);
(SP536.1 – Height Adjustable Wrap Stations);
(SP299C – Cooling Trolley)


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Australia Day Extended Holiday

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Special Holiday

Due to Australia Day falling on Thursday 26th Jan, we are also closing the office on Friday 27th Jan 2017. We will be open for business again on Monday 30th Jan 2017. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but am doing this so that my staff can be fresh and ready for your enquiries when we open on Monday.

If you have any urgent enquiries, please email me personally on and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


James Emery

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Exciting Innovations

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Title03 Circle cssd

Case Carts for Trolley Washers

The new Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) brief was to design and develop a case cart which addressed all of the challenges associated with high temperature trolley washers. Case Carts were designed:-  To efficiently wash and dry 2 units in a trolley washer-  For temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius-  Castor orientation designed to prevent glass exit door from smashing-  Castors have twin stainless steel precision bearings to make moving trolleys around as effortless as possible-  Ergonomic Push handles at two different heights –  High grade 316 stainless steel construction to maximise the life of the case cart making it a much smarter investment decision

Wrap Stations

The new height adjustable wrap stations have come to life!Designed to host:–   Monitor-   8 Port GPO-   CPU Holder –   Under unit mesh shelving either full or half –   Space for a stool (with 1/2 mesh) –   Keyboard shelf –   Overhead Shelf –   Maxi bin Storage Rail  sp537-SETUP02crop

Height Adjustable Sinks

 Sink Functionality: – Electric Height Adjustable Bench 900mm – 1300mm from the floor- Adjustment is foot operated so that you free up your handsCustomised Solutions:   ​- We can build your unit to your specification as we realise every CSSD is different. – Specifications for sizing and bowl positioning need to be confirmed
Other Emery Innovations
circle wards
 Nest Poles300*50 Poles Shown* The innovative Emery Nesting IV Poles are designed to:-  Be space saving as they have the ability to nest together (as shown in photo) and can fit 10 of these poles in the space of 3 normal poles to maximise storage-  Have an adjustable gravity feed–  Have an extra low centre of gravity for increased stability–  Increased stem height to comfortably accommodate 2 pumps

circle theatre

circle a and e


SS13VP – Perspex Dressing Trolley


SS725C – Coloured IV Cannulation Trolley

*Ask us for a Quote*

After many months of trials Pharmashelve was chosen as the Pharmacy shelving system of choice for the new Gold Coast University Hospital.The new hospital design incorporated Pharmashelve into the ward medication rooms, into cupboards and fitted out the Main Pharmacy, After Hours Store, Clinical Trial Store, Theatre Drug Store and Secure Store.Constant Product Improvements Some new Pharmashelve Features include:​​ –   Increased stability – new foot design –   Improved divider design –   New Slimline Shelf 300mm Deep for above benches – 1000mm and 500mm wide units for improved efficient storage and retrieval IMG_0098
Main Store DrawingMain store image (Above) main_store_008
UTRLA-33669-REDWaterloo Healthcare was also incorporated into the design at the new Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH). The image to the right displays one of the carts in use. GCUH cut out -300

New Waterloo Products

Personal Protection OrganiserISOORG-1 Features and Benefits– Vertical design allows for easy removal and re-stocking of glove, masks, and gowns- Pre-Drilled keyholes for easy wall mounting- Door hanger cut out on back of organiser- Made of lightweight yet durable aluminium – Made in U.S.A – Available in 4 Finishes (Neutral Creme, Carmine Cherry, Manhattan Walnut and Natural Oak)  ISOORG01
 ISOORG2 ISOORG-2 Features and Benefits-Pre-Drilled keyholes for easy wall mounting- Door hanger cut out on back of organiser- Made of lightweight yet durable aluminium- Attractive acrylic front provides visual assessment of gown supply level- Made in U.S.A- Available in 4 Finishes (Neutral Creme, Carmine Cherry, Manhattan Walnut and Natural Oak)

*Ask us about the new ISOORG-3, ISOORG-4 and ISOORG-5 also*

 GS1 Side-load Glove Box DispensersGBH-1, GBH-2, GBH-3, GBH-4Features and Benefits– Easy refill dispenser without removing other boxes- Pre-drilled three way keyholes for easy vertical or horizontal mounting- Made in USA – Available in 4 finishes (Natural Creme, Carmine Cherry, Manhattan Walnut and Natural Oak)  
Respiratory Hygiene Station RS-1 with KS-1 Kiosk StandFeatures and Benefits– Designed to encourage visitors to take necessary precautions per CDC guidelines regarding respiratory hygiene- Holds most brands of masks, a standard tissue box or two small boxes, and most hand gel sanitizer bottles – Perfect for patient waiting rooms or use with the optional kiosk standi n high traffic areas – Made in USA – Respiratory Station Available in 4 finishes (Natural Creme, Carmine Cherry, Manhattan Walnut and Natural Oak) – Kiosk Available in Neutral Creme or Dark Brown – Perfect for patient waiting rooms or use with the optional kiosk standi n high traffic areas – Made in USA – Respiratory Station Available in 4 finishes (Natural Creme, Carmine Cherry, Manhattan Walnut and Natural Oak) – Kiosk Available in Neutral Creme or Dark Brown  both rs02
Contact one of our sales representatives

Fran Leahy

VIC/SA/TAS Business Development Manager 1300 618 100M:  0403 409 597

Joy Langfield

QLD/NT/Nthn NSW Business Development 1300 618 100M:  0424 944 906

Simone Emery

NSW Metro/WA Business Development Manager Ph: 1300 618 100M:  0407 277 906
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MediMesh – Stainless Steel and Nickel/Chrome Wire Shelving

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We are proud to introduce our new range of Stainless Steel and Nickel/Chrome Wire shelving to the Australian market place. Emery Industries have invested in the development of this product line to meet the requirements of the medical market place. The products are made to a medium duty specification that will cover the majority of requirements in the medical environment and the finishes have been specified to the best possible standards.

We welcome you to download our new catalogue that will show our extensive range of options, that we are confident will offer you great value for money. Our research has found us to be very price competitive whilst maintaining excellent standards. Pharmashelve is a company focused on providing solutions to the medical and pharmacy industries that are fit for purpose and made to high standards to ensure they have the best economic product life solution for businesses investing in these types of products.

Please contact us to get a quotation for products that you are interested in. We are confident in the product and we know you will be pleased with the value.

James Emery

Director – Emery Industries.

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Emery Solutions

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Recently a hospital in the ACT contacted Emery Industries looking for a solution to an issue that had caused several lost time injuries.  They were attaching a B Braun space station to regular IV poles and this resulted in the unit having a high centre of gravity that caused the poles to over balance and fall over when being moved.

After many emails and conversations, Emery industries developed two different design IV poles to meet the design requirements.  These were sent to the hospital for testing and they were extremely happy with our new design SS04IWB.3 as shown below.

Features of this unit include wider base, internal and external weights and a modified pole that when manufactured to Emery Industries superior quality standard allowed the space station to be safely mounted on the pole significantly reducing the possibility of overbalancing.  The hospital went onto order over 60 SS04IWN.3’s.

If you are interested in the SS04IWB.3 or need assistance with problems that you are having then call 1300 618 100.


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Infection Control

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Please find below an article issued today regarding the impacts of poor infection controls. I am sure that you are all aware of this, however it sometimes good to have a reminder of the potential outcomes of not being dilegent in this area.

We invite you to consider our range of trolleys that has fully polished top surface welds specifically to aid in the reduction of infections. Our products are the only products of the market that are making an effort to reduce the spread of infections in your facility. We ask that you consider us when you next are seeking a new or replacement trolley for your operation.

Click here to learn more about our trolley options

Source: Medical Search Artice – NZ hospital wards closed over highly contagious norovirus

31/10/2012 – Elderly patients in two wards at Auckland City Hospital in New Zealand remain in isolation after an outbreak of the highly contagious norovirus.

Last week three wards were closed in attempt to control the spread of the virus but one ward has since reopened and 11 people released from isolation.
A hospital spokesman told reporters on Tuesday evening that the number of people who had contracted the virus had shrunk from 13 to 11 over the past few days.
But 22 patients remain in isolation.
Earlier this month a ward at Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital was closed after an outbreak of the bug with almost 140 showing symptoms.
Tauranga Hospital has also dealt with a recent outbreak.
The virus can cause nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain.
Auckland District Health Board’s executive director of nursing Margaret Dotchin earlier said the hospital was implementing standard infection control measures to prevent further spread of the virus to patients and staff.
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OH&S Savvy Supplier

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At Emery we have been helping YOU meet the challenges of OH&S Compliance today…


Why Lift when you can transfer?

This Linen Skip has been specifically designed around Queensland Health OH&S requirements. We worked with Queensland Heath to understand the issues they were having around this area and our design was developed to address these problem areas for their staff.

What are the reasons you should buy this Linen skip over others? (#1 your staff health)

1. It is a transfer only of the linen bag due to the innovative open design which reduces the need to lift.

2. The lower shelf has been raised to reduce the need to bend by staff.

3. The outside cage will restrict overfilling of the linen bag this reduces the overall weight of the bag.

4. Ease of movement when linen bag is full due to our use of 100mm castors instead of the industry standard 50mm castors.


SS40LR – Single Load Reducing Linen Skip – Request a Quote

SS42LR – Double Load Reducing Linen Skip – Request a Quote


Load Reducing Linen Skip Designed with Greenslopes & Pindara Hospitals (Ramsay Health) Occupational Health & Safety Designed Linen Skip to fit the reduced size linen bag used by the Ramsay Health.

The lower shelf has been raised to 500mm from the floor to reduce the need to bend by staff and castors have been increased in size to make the unit easier to move.

Product Code: SS40D – Request a Quote


Increased Stability, Increased Storage Space

Are your storage rooms jam packed?

What would you give for an IV pole where you can store ten(10) IV poles in a space equivalent to three(3) of the old style star base IV poles?

Emery Nesting IV poles have all of our excellent features:

1. Internally weighted bases – provides additional stability.

2. Full seam polished welds – no room for bacteria to hide.

3. Exclusive nesting system which still provides a five(5) castor stable star base

Product Code: SS04IWBNEST – Request a Quote


We are proud to Introduce

Are you looking for quality chrome mesh shelving at looking for value for money pricing?

Emery now supplies medical grade Nickel/Chrome (reduces rust) and Stainless Steel Mesh Shelving Solutions.

Out of the limited list of quality suppliers in the Australian market available today we know we are extremely competitive! We ask that you consider us when making your next purchase.

Click here to make an enquiry


Height Adjustable sinks to fit your space

You will be able to benefit from our expanding range of height adjustable sink solutions for CSSD. These include multiple sinks, varied bench sizes and underbench shelves so that you can maximise your storage space.

Measure up your space and Custom your sink Request a Quote

Product Code Displayed: SP540 Request a Quote


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