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SS42LR – Double Linen Skip (3 Products in Stock)

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Linen Skip: Enhancing Housekeeping Efficiency

Discover the Load Reducing Linen Skip – Double, a key product in Emery Industries’ linen skips range. This linen skip is designed to streamline housekeeping operations in healthcare and medical facilities, offering both efficiency and safety in linen management.

User-Centric Design of the Linen Skip

The SS42LR model of the Linen Skip boasts user-friendly features tailored to the needs of healthcare staff. It is equipped with precision ball bearing castors, which effortlessly absorb the weight of the unit, allowing it to be moved with minimal effort. This ease of movement is crucial in fast-paced medical environments where efficiency is key.

Safety and ergonomic considerations are evident in the design of this linen skip. The shelf is strategically placed 400mm from the floor, significantly reducing the need for bag lifting and aiding in controlling bag expansion. This thoughtful design minimizes the physical strain on staff and enhances workplace safety.

An added feature is the convenient side hook, designed to attach the bag drawstring while fitted. This detail ensures that the linen bags are securely held in place, making the process of loading and unloading linen smoother and safer.



Part Number: SS42LR
Item:  Load Reducing Linen Skip – Double
Dimensions: 760w x 420d x 900h (Very stable with small footprint)
Shelves: 1 shelf 400mm from Floor to Reduce Bag Lifting and aid in Controlling the bag expansion
Castors: 4 x 100mm Swivel
Hooks: Side Hook added to attach the bag drawstring whilst fitted
Construction: Stainless Steel / Welded