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SS24 – Flat Top Trolley

Designed with you in mind

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Introducing the Flat Top Trolley for Enhanced Efficiency

The Flat Top Trolley,  SS24, is designed to cater to your specific needs in various industrial and commercial settings. Measuring 500w x 500d x 900h, this trolley’s compact design ensures easy maneuvering while offering ample space for storage. Built with stainless steel and welded construction, the Flat Top Trolley is durable and reliable.

These specifications are tailored to ensure functionality and versatility. With 2 shelves and 4 x 100mm swivel castors, this trolley offers both stability and ease of movement. The stainless steel construction provides resistance against wear and tear, making it a valuable asset in any work environment.

Why Choose Our Flat Top Trolley?

Selecting the right trolley for your workspace is essential for productivity. Our trolley’s design combines quality materials and thoughtful engineering to offer you the perfect solution for transporting goods and materials. Whether in a busy kitchen or a manufacturing unit, this trolley is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow.


The Flat Top Trolley is more than a piece of equipment; it’s a partner that aids in your day-to-day operations. Its robust build and well-thought-out design make it an indispensable tool for professionals across various industries. Contact us to learn more or place an order for part number SS24. Experience convenience, efficiency, and quality all in one product.


Part Number: SS24
Item: Flat Top Trolley
Dimensions: 500w x 500d x 900h
Shelves: 2 x Shelf 
Castors: 4 x 100mm Swivel
Construction: Stainless Steel / Welded