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SS12C – Lockable Dressing Trolley

Product: SS12C – Lockable Dressing Trolley

Powder Coated Colours for Drawer Fronts

Powder coloured drawers for trolleys
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The Lockable Dressing Trolley from Emery Industries is a highly secure and functional equipment essential for modern healthcare environments. With its robust construction and thoughtful features, this trolley is designed to safeguard sensitive materials and supplies, ensuring that they are accessible only to authorized personnel.

Crafted with premium stainless steel and welded for added durability, the trolley stands at a convenient height of 900mm, with a width and depth of 500mm each. This compact size allows it to fit seamlessly in various medical spaces without sacrificing storage capacity.

The trolley features three drawers that provide ample space for storing medical supplies that require secured access. Each drawer is equipped with a lock, offering an added layer of security to prevent unauthorized access to medications, sensitive documents, or personal patient items. This locking mechanism is particularly valuable in environments where patient safety and privacy are paramount.

Above the drawers, there is a shelf surrounded by three rails. This top shelf is ideal for storing and organizing frequently used items or equipment, ensuring that they are readily accessible while preventing them from falling off during movement.

Mobility is effortlessly handled by four 125mm swivel castors, making the trolley easy to maneuver around tight corners and across various floor types. The swivel feature allows for complete control and ease of movement, critical in emergency situations where speed and responsiveness are necessary.

Ergonomically designed with two new curved handles, the Lockable Dressing Trolley ensures comfort and ease of use, reducing the strain on healthcare professionals during long shifts.

For healthcare facilities looking to enhance their medical equipment with secure, high-quality solutions, the Lockable Dressing Trolley is an excellent choice. To explore additional tailored options that meet specific needs, visit our extensive Dressing Trolley Product range


Product Code: SS12C
Item: Lockable Dressing Trolley
Dimensions: 500w x 500d x900h
Drawers: 3 x Drawer
Shelves: 1x Shelve (Top), 3 x Rails on Top Shelf
Handles: 2 x New Curved Ergonomically Designed
Castors: 4 x125mm Swivel
Construction: Stainless Steel / Welded

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Additional Features

Braking Castors, Bucket Holder, Drawer Dividers, Drop Down Shelf, Locking System, Mesh Drawer

Powder Coat Colours

Deep Violet, Pearl White, Pink Blush, Viper Green, No Colour (Stainless Steel), Birch White, Flame Red, French Blue, Lemon Yellow, Pommel Blue