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SS109.1 – PPE Mesh Box

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Organize your PPE essentials with our PPE Mesh Box set. Featuring three distinct sizes for versatile storage: Top Box at 75mmH, Box 2 at 150mmH, and Bottom Box at 250mmH, all with 300mmL x 75mmW dimensions. Designed for easy wall mounting with 4 pre-drilled holes. Ensure safety and accessibility in any setting.

SS109.1 PPE Mesh Box

  • Top Box 1
    300mmL x 75mmW x 75mmH
  • Box 2
    300mmL x 75mmW x 150mmH
  • Bottom Box 3
    300mmL x 75mmW x 250mmH
    Back Rods For Wall Mounting – 4 x Mounting Holes