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SS104-4BP – Bedpan Storage Rack (4)

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4 Bedpan Storage Rack: Efficient and Hygienic Solution

Introducing the SS104-4BP, a robust 4 Bedpan Storage Rack from Emery Industries, designed to offer a streamlined and hygienic solution for healthcare facilities. This product is a must-have for any medical environment where space optimization and cleanliness are top priorities.

Space-Saving Design with Easy Installation

The 4 Bedpan Storage Rack is an exemplar of space efficiency. Featuring pre-drilled wall fitment holes, it allows for easy and secure wall mounting, ensuring a perfect fit in any medical facility. With dimensions of 630w x 300d x 460h, this rack is compact yet capable, making it ideal for both small clinics and large hospitals. Its wall-mounted design not only saves valuable floor space but also keeps bedpans within easy reach for healthcare professionals.

Enhanced Cleanliness with Removable Drip Tray

A key feature of the SS104-4BP is its removable hanging drip tray. This innovative addition enhances the cleanliness of the storage area, making it easier to maintain hygiene standards in a busy medical environment. The tray’s design ensures that any residual moisture is collected, reducing the risk of contamination and simplifying the cleaning process.

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Part Number: SS104-4BP
Item: Bedpan Rack x 4
Dimensions: 630w x 300d x 460h
Shelves: Includes Removable Hanging Drip Tray
Fitment Pre Drilled Wall Fitment Holes
Construction: Stainless Steel / Welded