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SS04IWBNEST – Stainless Steel IV Pole (2 Products in Stock)

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 Stainless Steel IV Pole: The Apex of Medical Equipment Efficiency

Emery Industries proudly presents its Stainless Steel IV Pole, an essential component of our Nesting IV Pole category. This product is designed to enhance the functionality and space efficiency in medical settings, embodying durability, ease of use, and innovative design.

Enhanced Mobility and Stability of the Stainless Steel IV Pole

The Stainless Steel IV Pole is equipped with quality castors, ensuring that the unit can be moved effortlessly across various surfaces. This mobility is crucial in healthcare environments, where the quick and efficient transportation of medical equipment is often needed. The pole is also height adjustable, providing versatility for gravity feed applications, ensuring it caters to a range of medical situations.

A standout feature of this IV pole is its stability. The pole damage is significantly reduced by its 5-star legged, internally weighted base. This design not only makes the pole very sturdy but also minimizes the occurrences of pole falls, thereby enhancing safety in busy medical environments.

Space-Saving Design and Quality Assurance

These IV poles are uniquely designed to nest together, allowing for optimal space utilization. Up to ten of these poles can fit in the space typically required for two normal poles, thus maximizing storage space in medical facilities where space is often at a premium.

The model SS04IWBNEST, or the Internally Weighted Nesting IV Pole, measures 530w x 530d x (1400-2300)h (mm) and is constructed with a welded stainless steel frame. The base includes 5 x 75mm swivel castors and 7.2kg of internal weights, ensuring both mobility and stability.



Part Number: SS04IWBNEST
Item: Internally Weighted Nesting IV Pole
Dimensions: 530w x 530d x (1400-2300)h (mm)
Base: 5 x Legged Internally Weighted Nesting Base
Weights: 7.2kg Internal Weights
Castors: 5 x 75mm Swivel Castors
Construction: Stainless Steel/Welded

Nesting basis on the left compared to 5-Star based version