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SP623C(6) – Gas/Oxygen Cylinder Holder Trolley (1 Product in Stock)

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Gas/Oxygen Cylinder Holder Trolley: A Vital Tool for Medical Environments

The Gas/Oxygen Cylinder Holder Trolley from Emery Industries is a key product in our gas bottle holder category, designed to safely and efficiently transport gas cylinders in medical settings. This trolley is a perfect blend of functionality, safety, and durability, specifically crafted to meet the rigorous demands of healthcare facilities.

Superior Design and Functionality of the Gas/Oxygen Cylinder Holder Trolley

The trolley’s dimensions, 490w x 335d x 1000h mm, make it suitable for various medical environments, from hospitals to clinics. It is specifically designed to hold six (C) size gas or oxygen cylinders, ensuring they are securely transported within the facility. This feature is crucial in environments where the safe handling of gas cylinders is paramount.

For ease of maneuverability, the trolley is equipped with two push handles. These handles are ergonomically designed to reduce the strain on the user, making the trolley easier to navigate through corridors and tight spaces. The inclusion of four 125mm swivel castors enhances this ease of movement, allowing the trolley to glide smoothly across different surfaces.

Safety and Durability

Safety is a critical aspect of the Gas/Oxygen Cylinder Holder Trolley’s design. It includes four buffers to protect both the staff handling the trolley and the walls of the facility from potential damage during movement. This feature is particularly important in fast-paced medical environments where accidents can easily occur.



Part Number: SP623C(6)
Item: Gas/Oxygen Cylinder Holder Trolley (Holds 6 x (C) Size)
Dimensions: 490 x 335d x 1000h
Handles: 2 x Push Handles
Castors/Buffers: 4 x 125mm Swivel, 4 x Buffers
Construction: Stainless Steel/Welded