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SP542 – Static Sink – Double Bowl

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Part Number: SP542
Item: Static Bench – Double Bowl
Dimensions: 2700w x 700d x 950
Bowl: 2 x 600 x 450 x 220 deep
Rear Splash Back: 300mm
Bench: Wet Edge
Castors: Height Adjustable Feet
Shelves: Optional, request a quote
Other: Under side sealed with 16mm thick melamine
Construction: Stainless Steel Wall Frame


Part Number: SP542.23 – Flushing Rim
Item: Static Sluice Sink + 1 Standard Bowl
Dimensions: 1800w x 650d x 900
Bowls: 1 x 450 x 450 x 300H 316 Standard Bowl

1 x 450mm x 450mm Flushing Rim

100mm Waste

25mm Inlet

Flushing Rim drop down LHS 600 wide 300 lower

Flushing Rim centre 345 from left edge

Standard bowl 375 from right edge

Aquaban substrate below and in splashback

Cistern flushing device supplied by others.

Rear Splash Back: 300 mm + Left side
Bench: Wet Edge
Shelf: 1 x Lower Solid Stainless Steel, 225 from floor
Castors: Height Adjustable Feet
Other: Does not include site installation
Construction: Stainless Steel / Welded support frame


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