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SP540.02 – 2 x Circular Bowl

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The SP540.02 High-Low 2 x Circular Bowl Sink is an exemplar of precision engineering and design, tailored specifically for the stringent demands of clinical and surgical settings. This double bowl height adjustable sink unit offers unparalleled adaptability and efficiency, making it an essential component in any state-of-the-art CSSD (Central Sterile Services Department).

High-Low 2 x Circular Bowl Sink: Advanced Functionality and Ergonomics

This High-Low 2 x Circular Bowl Sink features an electric height-adjustable bench that ranges from 900mm to 1150mm in height, enabling users of different statures to operate comfortably and safely. Each bowl, 550mm in diameter and 175mm deep, is designed to facilitate easy access while maximising functionality. The unit’s wet edge bench and a 300mm high rear splashback ensure that all operations are contained within a hygienic and easy-to-clean workspace.

High-Low 2 x Circular Bowl Sink: Durable Construction and Customizable Features

Constructed from robust stainless steel with a wall frame design, the SP540.02 is built to endure the rigors of busy medical environments. The underside is sealed with 16mm thick melamine, enhancing its water-resistant properties. Delivered on castors for easy mobility, the unit can be stabilized on-site with height-adjustable feet, providing a secure and stationary work area once positioned.

The sink includes a comprehensive waste plumbing kit, although installation requires a registered plumber to ensure compliance with local health and safety regulations. For facilities that require additional customisation, Emery Industries offers tailored solutions to meet specific operational needs. Options include foot-operated controls and additional storage shelves, available in either mesh or solid stainless steel, to complement the setup.

High-Low 2 x Circular Bowl Sink: Enhancing Clinical Efficiency

Please note that under-bench shelves are not included in the base price but can be added upon request. The flexibility to customize the SP540.02 High-Low 2 x Circular Bowl Sink with optional features allows each unit to be perfectly adapted to the unique workflows and space configurations of your facility.


  • Functionality:
    • Electric Height Adjustable Bench (240v)
    • With Water Resistant Switch (IP66 rated)
  • Special Note:
    • Includes waste plumbing kit, however does not include site installation;
    • Sinks require installation by a registered plumber
  • Customised Solutions:
    • We can build your unit to your specification as we realise every CSSD is different.
    • Specifications for sizing and bowl positioning need to be confirmed.
    • Foot operated option available
    • Storage shelves (Mesh or Solid Stainless Steel) available on request


Part Number: SP540.02
Item: Double Bowl Height Adjustable Sink Unit
Dimensions: 2000w x 700d x (900 to 1150)h
Bowl: 2 x 550 x 175 deep
Rear Splash Back: 300mm – Rear Only
Bench: Wet Edge
Castors: Delivered on Castors
Shelves: Optional, request a quote
Other: Under side sealed with 16mm thick melamine
Construction: Stainless Steel Wall Frame


  • Under Bench Shelves not included in price:
  • Optional Lower SS Shelf is shown in Image – Either Solid or Mesh are available as Add Ons – request a quote if required
  • Other Includes: Waste plumbing kit:

Custom Configuration Form:

Fill out our Custom Configuration Form to customise our sinks to suit your unique needs.

Download and fill out the attached form and send it to

Additional information

Additional Shelves

AO-S-SSB, AO-Shelf-Splashback 01, AO-Shelf-Splashback 02, AO-Shelf-Under Sink Rack, Mesh under shelf to fit, SP540-Bowl Cover, AO-S-Basket – Splashback Mounted Basket Rack

Cleaning Gun (For Air or Water)

AO-S-Gun, AO-S-Gun 7050, AO-S-Gun RO, AO-S-Gun TM, AO-S-Gun WM

Hot and Cold Mixer Taps

AO-S-Mixer 1-G, AO-S-Mixer 2-G, AO-S-Mixer 2.1-G

Pre Rinse Spray Arm

AO-S-Single Lever Spray 2.2-G, AO-S-Spray 2.1-G, AO-S-Spray 2.2-G

Do you want to increase the height of the sink splashback?

Yes add AO-S-Splashback Height, No

Would you like a Overflow Kit for Commercial and Domestic Sinks?

Yes add AO-S-OFK, No

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