SP539.2 – Battery Height Adjustable Table

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High-Low Height Adjustable Scrub Table – Battery Height Adjustment: Ergonomic Design and Mobility

The High-Low Height Adjustable Scrub Table – Battery Height Adjustment, model SCHU – SP539.2, is a sophisticated piece of medical equipment designed to meet the demands of fast-paced healthcare environments. This table offers a battery-operated mechanism for adjusting the height, ranging from 800mm to 1450mm, allowing medical professionals of varying heights to work comfortably without the physical strain associated with bending or reaching.

Construction and Durability

Constructed from robust stainless steel and welded for added strength, this scrub table ensures long-lasting durability and reliability in medical settings. The tabletop is spacious, measuring 1150mm in width and 550mm in depth, providing ample room for medical instruments and supplies during surgical procedures or routine examinations.

Mobility and Safety Features

Equipped with four 125mm locking castors, the High-Low Height Adjustable Scrub Table offers exceptional mobility, making it easy to move between different areas of a medical facility. The locking mechanism on the castors ensures that the table remains stable and secure when stationary, providing a reliable working surface. The battery-operated height adjustment feature enhances its usability, allowing adjustments to be made effortlessly without the need for a power source, which is particularly useful in areas where electrical outlets are not readily accessible.



  • Lower Shelf 300mm from the floor to support OH&S requirements to minimise bending/lifting exposure
  • Precision ball bearing castors enables the weight of the Battery Height Adjustable Scrub Table to be absorbed by the bearing and then assist the unit is being moved with minimum effort


Part Number: SCHU – SP539.2
Item: Height Adjustable Scrub Table – Battery Height Adjustment
Dimensions: 1150w x 550d x (800-1450)h
Shelves: 1 x Top Shelf
Castors: 4 x 125mm Locking
Construction: Stainless Steel / Welded