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SP537.2 – Height Adjustable CSD Wrap Station – Battery

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High-Low Electric Height Adjustable Wrap Station: Enhanced Productivity and Ergonomics

The High-Low Electric Height Adjustable Wrap Station, part number SP537.2, is designed specifically for Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSD), offering a dynamic solution that enhances both productivity and ergonomic comfort. This station features an impressive height range from 800mm to 1450mm, easily adjustable to suit various tasks and user heights, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of strain injuries.

Constructed from durable stainless steel and meticulously welded, the wrap station is built to last and withstand the rigors of continuous use in a demanding medical environment. It includes a full-length top shelf and a half-length middle shelf, both 250mm wide, providing ample space for organizing essential CSSD materials. Additionally, the unique inclusion of a half-length maxi bin rail adds further organisational versatility.

For enhanced functionality, the station comes equipped with a sliding shelf designed for a keyboard and mouse, enhancing the usability of electronic components in the workflow. Push handles on both ends and heavy-duty castors—two locking and two swivel—ensure easy maneuverability and stable positioning.

With an integrated CPU and monitor holders and an 8-port GPO with double pole switching, this High-Low Electric Height Adjustable Wrap Station meets stringent safety standards while providing a comprehensive, user-friendly workstation that significantly boosts efficiency in any CSSD setup.

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The new height-adjustable wrap stations have come to life!

Designed to host:

  • Monitor
  • 8 Port GPO
  • CPU Holder
  • Under unit mesh shelving either full or half
  • Space for a stool (with 1/2 mesh)
  • Keyboard shelf
  • Overhead Shelf
  • Maxi bin Storage Rail
  • Options for battery power or electric!


Part Number: SP537.2
Item: Height Adjustable CSD Wrap Station – Battery
Dimensions: 1800 x 750 x (800 to 1450mmH)

Full length top shelf 250mmW (700mm from bench top)

1/2L middle shelf 250mmW(400mm from benchtop)

1/2 length maxi bin rail (400mm from bench top)

Shelves: 1 x Lower Stainless Steel Mesh Shelves (1500 x 450)

Sliding shelf for keyboard/mouse 700Wx500mm RHS

Handles: Push handles both ends
Castors: 125mm, 2 x Locking, 2 x Swivel
Other: CPU and Monitor Holders

8 Port GPO with Double Pole Switching, designed to AS3200

Construction: Stainless Steel / Welded

Additional information

CSSD Oil/Air Spray Booth

Yes, No

Desk Mounted Magnifying Light

Yes, No

GPO Electrical Ports (8)

Yes, No

Monitor Bracket

Yes, No

Slide Out Keyboard

Yes, No

Under Shelf Light

Yes, No

Wrap Rack

Yes, No