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SP397.3 – Transport Trolley – For Trolley Wash System (9 STU)

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Transport Trolley for Sterile Supply Transport

Discover our Transport Trolley (Part Number: SP397.3) tailored for the Trolley Wash System, engineered to enhance the seamless transport of sterile medical supplies within healthcare environments. This stainless steel trolley, with internal dimensions of 1010mm x 640mm x 1080mmH, boasts replaceable door seals to ensure sterility, along with adjustable wire shelves to accommodate various container sizes. It’s not just a cart, but a critical component in minimizing infection risks, by securely housing surgical instruments and other sterile supplies from the central sterile supply department (CSSD) to the operating rooms. Equip your facility with our transport trolley, contributing significantly towards patient safety and operational efficiency.


Part Number: SP397.3
Item: Transport Trolley – For Trolley Wash System (9 STU)

For Sterile Goods

Internal Dimensions: 1010mm x 640mm x 1080mmH

Interior build includes full welded corners and safety folds (no sharps)

External Dimensions: 1300mm x 720mm x 1320mmH
Capacity: 9 x STU Containers (Standard with 3 Wire Shelves)

Note: Unit can accommodate 6 wire shelves with 18 Full Sized STU Containers

Doors: – Doors include replaceable seals.

– Opening to 270° and secured with magnets when open

– Tamper proof Eyelet included for use with Breakaway/tracking numbered seals (code PS-100)

– Clean/Dirty Identifier Slot

– DIN A4 document holder

Shelves: – 3 x Wire Shelves (Not Pull Out)

–  Removable and height adjustable shelves

–  Also available with shelf dividers to support smaller containers in transport

– Slim line easy to use 3- Point Door Locking mechanism

– 4 sided Base bumper for all sided protection

Push Handle: – Cool contact handle for unloading after trolley washer

– 4 x Vertically integrated handles with door

Castors: – 160mm Stainless Steel, 2 x Fixed , 2 x Foot pedal locking

– Foot operated central castor locking system

Other: Carts are Rated to 120 degree Celsius and designed for Trolley Washers

Note: Additional wire shelves, dividers and shelf supports sold separately

Construction: Fully Welded / 304 Stainless Steel

Additional Add On

Wire Shelves for SP397.3 Transport Trolley
Capacity: 3 x DIM STU Containers

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SP397.3 Wire Shelves for Transport Trolley

Add Wire Shelves (SP397.3-Shelf), No additional shelf