Setup Trolley (1 Product in Stock)

Setup Trolley (1 Product in Stock)

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Setup Trolley: An Essential Tool for Efficient Healthcare Operations

The SS33 Setup Trolley, a key offering in Emery Industries’ setup trolley category, represents a blend of ergonomic design and robust construction, tailored for the dynamic needs of healthcare environments.

Ergonomic Design and Safety Features

A standout feature of this setup trolley is its ergonomic design. The lower shelf is set 300mm from the floor, specifically to support Occupational Health & Safety requirements. This design minimizes bending and lifting exposure for staff, reducing the risk of strain or injury【32†source】.

Additionally, the trolley is equipped with precision ball bearing castors. These castors enable the weight of the trolley to be absorbed by the bearing, facilitating effortless movement. This feature is particularly beneficial in healthcare settings where mobility and ease of access are crucial

Specifications and Durability

The setup trolley, identified as part number SS33, doubles as a tea trolley and measures 750w x 500d x 900h mm. It includes three lipped shelves, offering ample space for storing and transporting items. The trolley also features a single push handle, enhancing maneuverability and convenience in use

In terms of construction, the trolley is made from stainless steel with a welded frame, ensuring durability and longevity. This solid construction is designed to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use in busy medical environments.



Part Number: SS33
Item: Setup Trolley/Tea Trolley
Dimensions: 750w x 500d x 900h
Shelves: 3 x Lipped Shelves
Handles: 1 x Push Handle
Castors: 4 x 100mm Swivel
Construction: Stainless Steel / Welded