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Nickel/Chrome 4 Tier Set

Designed with you in mind

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  • Wire mesh with a nickel chrome (available in stainless steel as well)
  • Dust and dirt-free displays. No piles of dust hidden under the shelves
  • Conical metal collars that slip over the Upright Posts and allow the height of the shelves to be easily adjusted
  • Features heavy-duty wires with strengthening ribs and reinforced shelf edges
  • The Shelves slide down the Upright Posts and over the Plastic Shelf
  • Clips to lock the shelves into position
  • Please specify the product code when ordering!
    Additional Information:
  • Additional Tiers available (6,7,8 tiers) on request
  • Movile versions also available by adding an “M” to the end of the code (eg. MM-NC-450-1000-3TM)
    • Supplied with 1800mm high posts – overall unit is 1970mm high (including castors)
  • Different Post Heights units available. This will be dependant on the number of tiers and the space you have available, the height and depth of what you are strong and whether they are to be Static or Mobile.
    • Note: it is recommended that the bottom tier is 300mm from the floor for OH&S reasons