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Medimesh Nickel Chrome Shelving Solutions

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  • Any “Nickel/Chrome” Product is plated, this type of Product will have a base material that is then coated/plated in another material.  Any “Nickel/Chrome” Product (according AS4187 Standards) is best suited for non-clinical storage
  • Please note, when castors are added to the unit, 165mm will be added to the overall height of the unit
  • Wire mesh with a nickel/chrome finish
  • Dust and dirt-free displays.
  • The height of the shelves to be easily adjusted
  • Features heavy-duty wires with strengthening ribs and reinforced shelf edges
  • The Shelves slide down the Upright Posts and over the Plastic Collars
  • Clips to lock the shelves into position


Build your own Item MediMesh Number, as follows:

  • MM = MediMesh
  • Select from the following:
  • Stainless Steel SS or Nickel Chrome NC
  • 450 or 600 = Shelf Depth
  • 1000, 1250, 1500 or  1750mm Length
  • 1000, 1800 or 2000mmH Posts
  • Then choose the amount of shelves (Tiers) required, there can be from 2 to 7 depending on the height of the post.
  • Example: 


  • Or, if you require Castors add an M = for Mobile to the end of the Item Number, Example: 
  • MM-SS-450-1000-4TM


SWL – Safe Working Load
Each shelf max capacity is 150kg (static) with the total unit max capacity 900kg (static)

  • In a mobile environment, the 150kg still applies but we would not recommend any more than 250kg overall and recommend the majority of the weight is evenly distributed as low as possible on the unit
  •  For fixed shelving: additional Wall fixings are available on request


Assembly Instructions 

Additional information

Post Height

1000(mm), 1500(mm), 1800(mm), 2000(mm), 2200(mm)

Shelf Size (D x W)

450 x 600, 450 x 1000, 450 x 1250, 450 x 1500, 450 x 1750, 600 x 450, 600 x 1000, 600 x 1250, 600 x 1500, 600 x 1750

How Many Shelves

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Shelf Dividers

100 x 450mm, 100 x 600mm, 230 x 450mm, 230 x 600mm, No dividers


100 x 450mm, 100 x 600mm, 100 x 1000mm, 100 x 1250mm, 100 x 1500mm, 280 x 450mm, 280 x 600mm, 280 x 1000, 280 x 1250, 280 x 1500mm, 280 x 1750mm, No Ledge

Label Holders

Clear, Blue, No Labels

Add Castor Set

Yes (Standard) Nickel Chrome 2x swivel & 2x locking – 125mm, Yes (Upgrade) Stainless Steel 2x swivel & 2x locking – 125mm, No

Clear PVC Vinyl Cover

Yes, No