HANGORG-1 – Waterloo Hanging Organiser (PPE)

HANGORG-1 – Waterloo Hanging Organiser (PPE)

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Waterloo Healthcare has been solely focused on manufacturing medical carts for over 50 years. We have carts in the field that were built in the 1970’s and are still in service today…a testament to the quality we build into each and every cart we make!

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Infectious disease programs are critical issues facing all hospitals. Waterloo Isolation Systems address those preventative measures for your facility.

Hanging Organisers are constructed with durable and lightweight aluminium!

Product Description

Product Number: HANGORG-1
Item: Waterloo Hanging Organiser
Dimensions: 508mm (W) x 679mm (D) x 114mm (H)
Holds: 4 Glove Boxes, 2 Face Mask Box, Flat Pack Gowns
Mounting: Permanent mounting with screws (not included). Hanging from the doorway with an optional accessory (ISOHANG-1)