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SS13-600 – Dressing Trolley

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The Emery Industries stainless steel Dressing Trolley 4 Drawer is meticulously designed to support the demanding needs of medical professionals in various healthcare settings. With its durable construction and thoughtful design, this trolley stands out as a vital piece of equipment in hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel and welded for added strength, the Dressing Trolley 4 Drawer ensures durability and longevity. Its dimensions of 600mm width, 500mm depth, and 900mm height provide ample storage while maintaining a compact footprint, making it suitable for the spatial constraints of medical environments.

Each of the four drawers offers convenient storage for medical supplies and instruments, enabling quick access and organization. These drawers are designed to facilitate the smooth retrieval and storage of items, which is essential during critical care moments. The top shelf features a single shelve lined with three rails, providing an additional area for placing necessary equipment or arranging frequently used items, enhancing efficiency during medical procedures.

Mobility is a key aspect of the Dressing Trolley 4 Drawer. It is equipped with four 125mm swivel castors that ensure ease of movement across different floor types within a medical facility. These castors make it effortless to maneuver the trolley close to patient bedsides or examination areas.

For enhanced usability, the trolley includes four new curved ergonomic handles, designed to minimize physical strain and maximize comfort while pushing or pulling the unit. This ergonomic feature is particularly valuable in fast-paced environments where healthcare professionals benefit from equipment that reduces fatigue.

For healthcare facilities looking to further equip their operations, explore our complete range of Dressing Trolleys  Each model is designed with precision and care to meet the highest standards of medical practice.


Part Number: SS13-600
Item: Dressing Trolley
Dimensions: 600w x 500d x 900h
Drawers: 4 x Drawer


1 x Shelve (Top), 3 x Rails on Top Shelf

Handles: 4 x New Curved Ergonomic
Castors: 4 x 125mm Swivel
Construction: Stainless Steel / Welded