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SP540 – DOUBLE Bowl Height Adjustable Sink

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The High-Low Double Bowl Height Adjustable Sink is a versatile and essential fixture for any Clinical Sterile Supply Department (CSSD), providing a reliable and ergonomic solution for various medical settings. Featuring two generously sized rectangular bowls, each measuring 600 x 450 x 200mm, this sink unit allows for simultaneous operations, making it an excellent choice for environments that demand efficiency.

Constructed with a total bench length of 2200mm, a width of 650mm, and an adjustable height ranging from 900mm to 1150mm, this sink unit offers unparalleled adaptability to user height and task requirements. The electric height adjustment feature, powered by 240V with a water-resistant switch (IP66 rated), ensures smooth and easy modifications to suit different operations and user preferences.

The High-Low Double Bowl Height Adjustable Sink also comes with a 300mm high rear splashback to protect against water damage and splashes, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene within the workspace. While the sink includes a waste plumbing kit, installation must be conducted by a registered plumber to ensure proper setup and compliance with local codes.

Customisation options are abundant with this model. Whether you need mesh or solid stainless steel shelves for additional storage or prefer a foot-operated control for hygiene and convenience, this unit can be tailored to meet the specific demands of your facility. Understanding that each CSSD has unique needs, specifications for sizing and bowl positioning are confirmable upon request, allowing for a truly customised installation.

Ideal for busy medical facilities, the High-Low Double Bowl Height Adjustable Sink provides a practical, durable, and adaptable solution, ensuring that staff can work comfortably and efficiently in a safe, controlled environment.



Part Number: SP540
Item: Double Height Adjustable Sink
Dimensions: Total Bench length 2200mmL x 650mmW x 900-1150mmH
Bowl: 2 off 600 x 450 x 200mm rectangular bowls (Please note that this has 2 custom bowl sizes of 700mmLx500mmWx250mmD)
Rear Splash Back: 300mm high
Shelves: Available on Request


  • Electric Height Adjustable Bench (240v)
  • With Water Resistant Switch (IP66 rated)

Special Note:

  • Includes waste plumbing kit, however, does not include site installation;
  • Sinks require installation by a registered plumber

Customised Solutions:

  • We can build your unit to your specification as we realise every CSSD is different.
  • Specifications for sizing and bowl positioning need to be confirmed.
  • Foot-operated option available
  • Storage shelves (Mesh or Solid Stainless Steel) available on request


Custom Configuration Form:

Fill out our Custom Configuration Form to customise our sinks to suit your unique needs.

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Additional Shelves

AO-S-SSB, AO-Shelf-Splashback 01, AO-Shelf-Splashback 02, AO-Shelf-Under Sink Rack, Mesh under shelf to fit, SP540-Bowl Cover, AO-S-Basket – Splashback Mounted Basket Rack

Cleaning Gun (For Air or Water)

AO-S-Gun, AO-S-Gun 7050, AO-S-Gun RO, AO-S-Gun TM, AO-S-Gun WM

Hot and Cold Mixer Taps

AO-S-Mixer 1-G, AO-S-Mixer 2-G, AO-S-Mixer 2.1-G

Pre Rinse Spray Arm

AO-S-Single Lever Spray 2.2-G, AO-S-Spray 2.1-G, AO-S-Spray 2.2-G

Bowl Sizes

450 x 450 x 200, 500 x 500 x 200, 550 x 450 x 200, 600 x 450 x 200, 800 x 500 x 200

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Our range of height adjustable sinks can easily increase and decrease in height, without destroying the pipes.