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SP443.81 – 2 Level – Bin Trolley (1 Product in Stock)

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Bin Trolley: A Pinnacle of Efficiency and Design

Emery Industries introduces the SP443.81 – 2 Level Bin Trolley, a versatile and robust addition to our bin trolley category . Designed for a wide range of uses, this trolley is a perfect combination of functionality and durability, tailored to meet the demands of any busy environment.

Advanced Features of the Bin Trolley

This Bin Trolley stands out with its optimal dimensions of 890w x 710d x 1000h mm, ensuring it fits comfortably in various settings while providing ample capacity. The top of the tub is approximately 1000 mm high, making it accessible and convenient to use.

Equipped with two shelves and four rails, this trolley offers significant storage space. The inclusion of four bins, each measuring 442w x 713d (top measurement) x 382h mm with internal dimensions of 360w x 550d x 270h mm, ensures ample space for materials. The bins, which taper slightly at the bottom, come with lids to maintain cleanliness and organization.

An essential feature of the bin trolley is its user-friendly design. It includes a push handle, facilitating easy maneuverability throughout various environments. This design aspect is particularly beneficial in settings where quick and efficient transport of materials is necessary.

Customization and Construction

Recognizing the diverse needs of different environments, Emery Industries offers customization options for this bin trolley. Buffers are available as an optional add-on, and customers can request a quote for these. Additionally, while the standard castors are not suitable for trolley washers, specialized castors compatible with trolley washers are available upon request, ensuring the trolley meets specific operational requirements.

The construction of the bin trolley is of the highest quality, made from stainless steel with a welded frame. This construction not only guarantees the trolley’s longevity but also ensures it withstands the rigors of daily use in various settings.



Part Number: SP443.81 – 2 Level
Item: Bin Trolley
Dimensions: 890w x 710d x 1000h
Top of tub approx 1000
Shelves:  2, 4 x Rails
Buffers: Optional, request quote if required
Other: Bins 4 x 442w x713d (Top measurement of the Bin) x382h

Bin Internal 360w x 550d x 270h (Bin tapers slightly at the bottom)

Includes Lids

Push Handle

Std Castors not suitable for Trolley Washers.

Castors for Trolley washers available on request)

Construction: Stainless Steel / Welded