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SS102 – Bedpan and Bottle Rack

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Bedpan and Bottle Rack: The Ideal Wall-Mounted Solution

Introducing the SS102 Bedpan and Bottle Rack, a space-saving and efficient storage solution designed by Emery Industries. This rack is specifically crafted for healthcare environments, where the efficient use of space is crucial, and hygiene standards are of utmost importance.

The SS102 Bedpan and Bottle Rack is a wall-mounted unit, making it a perfect choice for medical facilities looking to maximize their use of space. With dimensions of 300wx300dx645h, it’s designed to fit seamlessly into any healthcare setting, from busy hospitals to compact clinics. This rack not only saves valuable floor space but also provides easy access to bedpans and bottles, streamlining the work of medical professionals.

Enhanced Hygiene with Built-in Drip Tray

A standout feature of the SS102 rack is its built-in drip cleaning tray. This tray is designed to make the cleaning process more manageable and to maintain high hygiene standards. It efficiently collects any residual moisture, preventing spillage and contamination, which is essential in a healthcare environment. This feature demonstrates Emery Industries’ commitment to creating products that are not only practical but also contribute to maintaining a clean and safe medical facility.

Discover More Storage Options

For more specialized storage solutions, be sure to explore our Urinal Bottle Storage Racks category page. At Emery Industries, we are dedicated to providing top-quality medical equipment designed to enhance the efficiency and hygiene of healthcare environments. Our products are crafted to meet the specific needs of medical professionals, ensuring optimal organization and cleanliness in their daily operations.


Product Specification

Part Number: SS102
Item: Bedpan & Bottle Rack (2×2)
Dimensions: 300wx300dx645h
Shelves: Built-in drip cleaning tray
Fitment: Wall mounted
Construction: Stainless Steel/Welded