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AO-S-RO Fitting – Reverse Osmosis Water Fitting – Non-Recirculating

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Please note, supply only to be fitted by a licensed plumber

AO-S-RO Fitting

Item: Reverse Osmosis Water Fitting – Non-Recirculating
Other: Bench Mounted
Polyester powder coating provides better chemical UV light and heat resistance

The anti-corrosive coating is 300microns thick to protect the product from chemical damage
Resistant to base chemicals
Plastic Ceramic Headwork

Material: Polypropylene 8mm
Inlet: 8mm G 1/4″
Outlet: Nozzle
Working Pressure: 50kpa – 400kpa
Max Working Temp: 48°C
Seat: Ceramic Disk
Finish: Polyamide 11 White