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Enhance your CSSD with Custom Transport Trolleys

In the complex world of healthcare, where every detail matters, the Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSDs) stand as the backbone of hospital hygiene and safety protocols. For CSSD managers and sterilization technicians, navigating the daily challenges requires products that not only enhance operational efficiency but also alleviate the physical and logistical burdens of their roles. This is where Emery Industries’ transport trolleys, unique in their customisable features, become indispensable.



Emery Industries’ Trolleys: Designed for CSSD Efficiency

Emery Industries understands the critical nature of CSSD workflows and has designed transport trolleys that are not only robust and reliable but also highly customisable to meet the specific needs of any facility. Among the standout features, wire shelving and shelf dividers offer a solution to organising and transporting sterilized items. The wire shelving provides a sturdy yet lightweight platform, while the shelf dividers ensure that each item remains securely in its place, preventing disarray and potential damage during transit.

transport trolley push handle
transport trolley features

Enhanced Functionality for Streamlined Operations

Beyond organization, Emery Industries’ transport trolleys offer enhanced functionality to streamline CSSD operations. Tow Hitch Bars and Tow Links allow for the easy linkage of multiple trolleys. This feature enables the simultaneous transport of many sterilized items, drastically improving the efficiency of CSSD workflows.

The Clean/Dirty Identifier is another feature exclusive to our transport trolleys, providing a simple yet effective method to distinguish between sterilized (clean) and used (dirty) instruments. This crucial feature aids in minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and upholds the highest sterility standards essential for patient safety.

Tow Hitch Bar for transport trolleys

Prioritising Staff Well-being with Ergonomics and Security

Our transport trolleys come equipped with ergonomic Push Handles, making them easier to manoeuvre and reducing physical strain on technicians. Furthermore, the inclusion of Tamper Proof Eyelets ensures the secure transport of sterilized items from their point of sterilization to their destination, maintaining the integrity of the sterilization process.


Customisation at Its Best

For those looking to elevate their CSSD operations and ensure the highest standards of care and efficiency, Emery Industries invites you to explore our comprehensive range of transport trolleys. Discover how our bespoke solutions can transform your CSSD workflows: Explore Emery Industries’ Transport Trolleys