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What’s the difference between Case Carts and Transport Trolleys?

When selecting the optimal equipment for hospital logistics, understanding the distinct functionalities and builds of Case Carts and Transport Trolleys is crucial. Both designed by Emery Industries, these trolleys cater to different needs and operational environments in hospitals.

case carts and transport trolleys

Case Carts: Optimised for Internal Hospital Use

Case Carts are specifically designed to facilitate internal movements within the hospital. Ideal for transferring sterile and non-sterile items across departments, these carts are built with precision to ensure a seamless fit within hospital corridors and elevators.


– Construction: Utilises #304 or #316 stainless steel in varying thicknesses (0.9, 1.2, and 1.5mm), ensuring durability.

– Storage: Features three pull-out shelves, providing ample space for medical instruments and supplies.

– Manoeuvrability: Equipped with 150mm synthetic castors that include stainless steel housing and bearings, ensuring smooth movement across hospital floors.


Transport Trolleys: Built for External Use

Transport Trolleys are designed to withstand the challenges of external transport. They are perfect for transferring supplies between facilities or within larger medical complexes, including Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSD).


– Robust Construction: Made with thicker stainless steel and additional framing to endure external transport conditions.

– Weather Resistance: Includes consistent door seals with silicone foam and a rain cover to protect against adverse weather conditions, ensuring that medical supplies remain dry and secure.

– Enhanced Security: Features a stainless 3-point locking mechanism for increased security during transport.

– Advanced Manoeuvrability: Outfitted with 160mm stainless steel castors, including directional locking and a foot-operated central brake system, which enhances control and stability on various surfaces.


Decision Making for Healthcare Logistics

Choosing between a Case Cart and a Transport Trolley depends on your specific operational needs. For internal hospital logistics, where ease of movement and compact design are paramount, the Case Cart is ideal. Conversely, for robust, secure transport between facilities, the Transport Trolley offers the necessary features to ensure safe and efficient delivery of medical supplies.


Not sure which option fits your specific needs?

The case cart and transport trolley described in this blog are examples only. We customise all our case carts and transport trolleys to meet your exact requirements. Contact our friendly sales team today at