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Medication Trolleys: How Do They Safeguard Medications?

The world of healthcare is intricate and demands utmost precision, especially when it comes to handling medications. Central to this task is the unassuming yet pivotal medication trolley. But have you ever stopped to think about the features of a medication trolley that keep medications secure? In this exploration, we’ll uncover the innovative facets of these trolleys and understand their crucial role.


Medication Trolleys: More than Just a Storage Unit

At its essence, a medication trolley is a mobility-driven storage solution crafted to efficiently store, organise, and distribute medications in healthcare facilities. With a focus on patient safety, these trolleys ensure that the right medications are accessible to healthcare workers and are subsequently administered to the right patients.


The Emphasis on Security in Medication Trolleys

Medications, given their importance and potential for misuse, require rigorous safety measures. Ensuring secure access to medications isn’t only about preventing theft or unauthorised access; it’s fundamentally tied to patient safety and trust.


Lockable Drawers: The First Line of Defence

One of the foundational security measures is the inclusion of lockable drawers. These drawers ensure that medications are stored securely and can only be accessed by authorised personnel. The added advantage is the organisational aspect, as these drawers help categorise medications and ensure a systematic approach to drug administration.


Customisable Aesthetics with Powder Coat Colours

Beyond functionality, Emery Industries recognises the importance of aesthetics in healthcare settings. The option to customise medication trolley drawers with various powder coat colours not only adds a touch of individuality but can also serve a functional purpose. Different colours can signify different categories or urgency levels of medications, adding another layer of efficiency to the process.


PS-100: The Breakaway Padlock Seals

Security in a medication trolley isn’t just about locks. The PS-100 padlock seals  are an ingenious addition to the trolley’s safety arsenal. Made of robust polypropylene, these seals are designed to show any signs of tampering. Their unique design ensures easy closure, even with one hand, and a hinge spring that immediately reveals if someone has attempted unauthorised access. As a visual cue, their multicoloured appearance also helps in quick identification.

The Sophistication Behind Securing Medications

Medication trolleys, with their blend of security and efficiency features, underscore the commitment of healthcare facilities to patient safety. Emery Industries, with its expansive range of medication trolleys and accessories like the PS-100, is at the forefront of this commitment, ensuring both safety and style are at the heart of medication management.


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