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Selecting the Right Transport Trolley: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Facilities

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In the bustling environment of a hospital, ensuring that medical equipment, patient belongings, and various supplies move efficiently from point A to B is paramount. This is where transport trolleys come to the rescue, serving as the unsung workhorses of healthcare facilities. However, with a plethora of options available, how do you select the perfect transport trolley tailored to your needs? Here’s a comprehensive guide, with a special spotlight on the exceptional range offered by Emery Industries


1. Assess Your Specific Needs

Every department in a hospital has unique requirements. The paediatric wing may need trolleys with smaller compartments, while the surgical suite might prioritize trolleys with lockable sections for securing instruments. Before diving into the selection process, identify the primary use and the essential features needed.


2. Consider Load Capacity

The weight that a trolley can safely handle varies. Always factor in the maximum weight you anticipate the trolley will need to bear. Overloading not only damages the trolley but can also pose safety risks.


3. Prioritize Manoeuvrability

In crowded hospital corridors, a trolley that’s hard to manoeuvre can be a hindrance. Opt for designs that offer smooth mobility, especially in tight spaces. Swivel casters, for instance, can make navigation a breeze.


4. Evaluate Build & Durability

Transport trolleys should be robust and built to last, given the constant wear and tear in a hospital setting. Stainless steel trolleys, like those offered in the Emery range, are not only durable but also easy to clean – a crucial factor in maintaining hygiene.

5. Security Features

For areas like pharmacies or where patient data is moved, security is vital. Trolleys with lockable compartments or security seals can provide an added layer of protection.


6. Versatility & Modularity

The best trolleys are those that can adapt. Modular designs, with adjustable shelves or removable compartments, offer flexibility as your hospital’s needs evolve.

7. Ergonomics Matter

For the staff pushing these trolleys day in and out, ergonomic design can make a significant difference. Trolleys that offer adjustable handles or designs that reduce strain can enhance user comfort.


8. Review After-Sales Support

The relationship shouldn’t end post-purchase. Ensure the manufacturer provides solid after-sales support, from maintenance guidance to the availability of spare parts.


Spotlight: Emery Industries’ Transport Trolley Range

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Emery Industries, an industry leader, combines all the above features into their range of transport trolleys, ensuring they are the go-to choice for many healthcare facilities. Their transport trolley range stands out for its:

Stellar Durability: Built with high-grade materials designed to withstand daily hospital rigors.

Advanced Security: Options with lockable compartments for heightened security.

– Ergonomic Design: Prioritizing the comfort of hospital staff, making daily operations seamless.

– Modularity: Adjustable features for a trolley that grows with your needs.




Selecting the right transport trolley is a blend of understanding your needs and knowing what features to look for. With options like those provided by Emery Industries hospitals can ensure efficiency, durability, and optimum user experience. In the end, the right trolley can significantly impact daily hospital operations, ensuring seamless care for patients and a smoother workflow for staff.