Customization in Pathology: Tailoring Trolleys to Fit Lab Needs

Stainless steel pathology trolley
3 drawer red trolley

In the intricate realm of medical diagnostics and research, pathology labs are constantly evolving. Each lab, with its unique functions and operational nuances, requires equipment that’s not just functional but also tailored to its specific needs. Emery Industries recognises this and has developed a solution to address these challenges.



In the fast-paced environment of pathology, the tools and equipment play an indispensable role. For labs to function efficiently and safely, they need equipment that integrates seamlessly into their unique workflows. The critical element isn’t merely about possession, but precision—a concept Emery Industries understands deeply.


The Multifaceted Challenges of Modern Pathology Labs

Pathology labs today are a far cry from their predecessors. With advancements in technology and research methods, the demands have shifted dramatically:


Specialized Storage Needs: With a diverse range of samples, from biofluids to tissue samples, the need for specialized storage has never been greater.

Operational Fluidity: The ability to move between tasks seamlessly, with all necessary tools at hand, is a pressing need.


Safety and Ergonomics: As labs grow busier, the physical well-being of the staff can’t be overlooked.

pathology lab

The Shortcomings of Generic Equipment

Off-the-shelf trolleys may seem convenient, but they often fall short:


Inefficient Space Utilization: Either too much or too little space can disrupt the workflow.

Ergonomic Issues: Cumbersome designs can strain the staff, impacting both morale and productivity2.


Limited Adaptability: As labs evolve, generic trolleys often become obsolete, lacking the adaptability required for newer processes.

3 drawer pathology trolley


In the world of pathology, where precision is paramount, the right equipment can make all the difference. By understanding the unique challenges of modern pathology labs, Emery Industries is committed to providing tailored solutions that enhance both efficiency and well-being.




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