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How to Organise Your Dressing Trolley for Optimal Efficiency

Efficiency is crucial in nursing, and the tools you use every day can significantly impact your workflow. One such indispensable tool is the medical trolley, specifically the dressing trolley. The way you organise it can either speed up or slow down your tasks. This blog will provide nurses with practical tips for optimising their dressing trolley for maximum efficiency.

Prioritize Accessibility: The Top Shelf

The top shelf of your medical trolley should have the items you reach for most often—needles, syringes, or saline. Easy access to these essentials saves invaluable time, especially in emergencies.

Group Related Items Together: The Middle Shelf


On the second or middle shelf, group items typically used in sequence. For example, you might keep wound cleaning solutions next to sterile gauze and adhesive tapes. This method prevents the need to search the entire medical trolley for related items, streamlining your tasks.


Reserve the Bottom for Bulky or Rarely Used Items


The bottom of your medical trolley should hold heavier, less commonly used items like large dressing packs or specialized tools. This arrangement keeps them out of the way but still accessible when needed.


Label Everything


Labels can make a world of difference. Clear, easy-to-read, perhaps even color-coded labels, guide you straight to the item you need. This helps not just you, but also other team members who may need to use your medical trolley.


Keep It Clean and Restocked


Last but not least, maintain cleanliness and stock levels. A well-organized trolley is one that is also clean and well-stocked. For a guide on how to clean medical equipment effectively, check out our  Stainless Steel Tea Stain Remover Solution




A well-organised medical trolley can be a game-changer in a nurse’s busy day, improving efficiency, reducing stress, and potentially elevating patient care. By prioritizing accessibility, grouping related items, designating the bottom shelf for specific items, using clear labels, and maintaining cleanliness, you can maximize the utility of your dressing trolley in any nursing setting. If you’re looking to invest in a dressing trolley that can further assist you in achieving all these efficiencies, be sure to explore our wide range of dressing trolleys.


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