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Would you
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custom storage

Would you benefit from a custom storage solution?

As with any major purchase, you need to ask yourself: Is it really the best option for your facility to invest in a customized storage solution? Let’s take a look at five reasons why it may be….

There is no question you can go to your local hardware store or the internet and buy some shelving and “make it work!” But our facilities tell us loudly and repeatedly that they need more storage, but do not have the space.

I’m sure you all can relate to this problem, because it is so common. 

There are many challenges associated with storage that facilities face on a regular basis. One of the main causes is inefficient storage layouts that cannot handle the fast pace of the industry.

Though it may work to a certain degree, the inefficiency it causes makes you wonder if it’s time to move to a solution that’s tailored to meet EVERY need?

Here are the top 5 reasons you should think about it.

  1. Flexible – It should meet your needs as no two facilities are the same
  2. Expandability – It grows as you grow. Are you in need of more bays to meet your expanding requirements? No problem
  3. Accessibility – Everything is right where you need it. Rather than running from one room to another, everything is right where you need it.
  4. Adaptability – Whether it is sterile storage or general storage, nothing is too difficult
  5. Customisability – Minimize your footprint while growing your storage capacity with a custom solution designed specifically for your needs.


Of course, improving efficiencies results in significant cost savings as well. These improvement is noticed when staff members spend less time searching for stock as well as increased efficiency when it comes to stock rotation reducing unnecessary wastage. 

You can make a real difference by reducing unnecessary costs from your bottom line so you can spend on areas that need it.

How Can Emery Industries Help?

Emery Industries Medimesh, WireMax and Emery Pharmacy Storage systems provide flexible storage for facilities and health care applications. Stainless steel storage systems for clinical use are manufactured by Emery Industries. Because of its strength and long lasting nature, it is ideal for medical environments because it will never chip or rust. These systems can also be made from nickel/chrome if they need to be used in nonclinical settings.

Providing the highest level of service, the best design ideas and quality solutions is integral to our organisation.

We can also provide a customised solution if you are considering it. You can count on our expert team to offer you guidance. Our advice and design services allow you to be confident we are working with you to create a solution that works for your business.


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