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An IV Pole Nurses Will love

An IV Pole Nurses Will Love

While an IV pole may seem quite unimportant and just expected to be there, it bridges the gap between the most effective treatment results and the repetition of everyday tasks.
A well-designed and functional IV pole can incorporate a number of features that facilitate nursing care.

Emery Industries has designed a revolutionary New IV pole in collaboration with Australian nurses;

• A safe hook design that is ultra-tough and will reduce the potential for harm.

• High strength hanger designed to hold the heaviest of fluid bag requirements.

• Minimised base welds/joins reducing areas for potential bacteria. This is critical from an infection control perspective. Reduced joins provide less contamination pathways and infection risk

• Pole/pump damage is reduced by a 5 castor nesting solid extra-stable stainless steel base, making the pole very sturdy with a lower centre of gravity helping to minimise pole falls

• These IV poles are space saving as they have the ability to nest together. This allows them to fit 10 of these poles in the space of 3 normal poles. This maximises storage space

• Provides for asset tracking labels to fix easily to a larger flatter base surface so they will stick better and last longer on the unit.

• Castors have been positioned so that they are covered by the #304 stainless steel base. This reduces the risk of splashing on the castors. This design helps to keep the castors cleaner.

• The positioning of the castors also reduces trip/kick hazards for safer use by staff and patients.

• Premium twin wheel castors which enable the weight of the unit to be moved with minimal effort.

• These castors stay cleaner and unlike other castors do not collect hair and debris

• Tough #304 stainless steel construction.

We understand that nurses must do more in less time as the demand for their services is constantly growing. Taking a moment to consider some of the most overlooked items in their environment can help hundreds of thousands of working caregivers on a daily basis. This will simplify everyday tasks to make it easier to provide quality care. Check out our newly-released SS07NEST-TW now.