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The Rise of the Humble Sink

Height Adjustable Sink

It would seem so basic that your sterilising departments had sinks as part of your cleaning regime and equipment, but there are sinks with special needs for every part of this vital infection control process.

Each of them has a shape, a size, a depth, and a location for the bowl/s and for the sink itself, which affects the flow in the cleaning/sterilising regime. Emery Industries has taken this into account when designing our Height Adjustable Sinks. 

Height Adjustable Sink

sterilising Regime

The bigger your operation, the more critical it is that you get this flow correct. (Lean thinking, effective cleaning and reducing operational waste are the key factors). This investment leads to better outcomes in terms of actual sterilising, the speed in which it can be done to the expected standard, the comfort in performing the work, and the efficiency in moving the product through the cycle with the minimum of waste.

If we look at each of these components in isolation, we can see that there is more to it.

Equipment manufacturing

Effective Cleaning

It’s about utilising the correct tools with the implementation of the proper practice to give the expected level of sterilising. If your working environment is not set up to allow this function to be performed comfortably for extended periods, the job will not be performed to the expected standard consistently.

Lean Thinking

Designing effective workflows in a sequence to enable the completion of the process with minimum waste and implemented with ease.

This waste also takes into account both time and materials. Effective workflows must also be easily be implemented. Start by mapping out the flow on a piece of paper. From then ensuring the operational space is designed to ensure there is movement in one(1) forward direction at all times. Any movement away from the end target introduces wasted time in movement to get it back on track.

Emery Industries designs our Height Adjustable Sinks to ensure they fit for the purpose in the medical environment.

Functionally Designed

Throughout the best designs have all the equipment/tooling at close hand for that part of the process. Consider the number of shelves you need, within easy reach of that part of the process. 

If you think about this as it applies to a sink in the cleaning process, think about what end of the sink do you want the bowl, what is being cleaned will determine the size, shape and depth of the sink, and how much clear bench space do you need to place equipment that is the prior or next part of the process.

Emery Industries can design and manufacture this solution to make it the most practical and efficient workspace for you and your staff. Check out our range of Height Adjustable Sinks here or reach out to us today to see how we can customise our range to suit you!