Why Emery Industries

We develop and manufacture our products to help our clients manage infection control and OH&S risks better

making your job easier safer seamless

The Emery Difference

Full Seam Welding

Full seam welding with quality finishes on all the top working surfaces gives you an improved infection control mechanism. This method of welding also increases the life of the unit as it adds further structural integrity to the unit. This in turn reduces the vibration impact caused by constant use.

Precision Ball Bearing Castors

These allow the weight of the unit to be absorbed by the bearings and then assist the unit being moved with a minimum of effort and a greater amount of control. These two things combined reduce the OH&S risk to the user significantly, as well as increasing the life of your Emery Industries product.


Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Runners

We have made a decision to implement the best options available as standard on our equipment solutions. You will have a much more pleasant experience when opening and closing our drawers. The closing mechanism is the same as you would find in the new up market kitchens and are designed to protect the contents impact damage and reduce the noise for the user and the patients.

Why Emery Industries?


Your purchase will do the job you designed it for. In conjunction with our clients, we have significant medical and health experience within the business, who are in the field everyday seeing and listening to the challenges in the medical market. You can benefit from the efforts of others in this way.


You will be buying unsurpassed quality. How do we know this? Its just plain hard work. Since 2007, when clients have asked to see and compare our products against what is out in the market, the feedback is unanimously consistent. Emery products are easily the best quality product.


Your staff will thank you. Our products are developed through a team effort with our customers in order to meet their current operational requirements. This continues to ensure our products are current and appropriate for your use.

10 Year Product Guarantee

You will get years of consistent reliable use from your Emery purchase. We believe this so much we offer you our 10 Year Product Guarantee.

Made to order

We don’t keep stock; we don’t import containers full of basic dressing trolleys. What we do is make every item that is ordered by you specifically for you. This means that two things are true – we have an amazing production planning capability and, more importantly, we can make all those little changes that personalise the equipment specific to your need at your facility. It’s a fact that the majority of the items within our catalogue have been designed in conjunction with one of our customers and a bunch of others have said “Hey, I want one of those!”

Best Practices

We have been, and continue, to consult with the QLD Manufacturing Institute to build on our current practices as we move towards implementing the World’s Best Practice in our process.

Even More Reasons

As a local manufacturer employing local people, our mums and dads, our brothers and sisters and even our children rely on you and your organisation to provide them with very highest degree of quality when it comes to their healthcare.

How could we possibly provide you with anything less than our very best in exchange?

Emery is not a faceless company that gets their products imported in bulk from countries with lower labour costs – we are a family owned and operated organisation that takes great pride in serving its local healthcare community with the highest quality product that can be produced anywhere.

These days where any sort of possible advantage is capitalised upon, all sorts of companies claim that they are local in some fashion or another.

At Emery you actually couldn’t get more local if you tried!

We are owned and operated by a Queensland family, our manufacturing plant is based on the Gold Coast and we don’t just employ locals, we strive to ensure our suppliers are local too.

This means that the chances are, if you spend a dollar on an Emery product, it stays in the local economy instead of most of it being sent overseas.

What does quality mean to you when buying a trolley? It means that it does what it’s supposed to do when you ask it to….yes, this is true.

What quality means is that it’s easy to use and reliable and, this is true, those people who need to rely upon it will be pleased with your purchase.

Emery places a high importance on Continuous Improvement as we strive to improve our quality and our product functionality at all stages in our Manufacturing and Dispatch processes.

Emery Industries is continuing its investment in bringing new products and technologies to the market that are both innovative and practical for our customers.

Emery Industries is ISO certification for Quality Management systems and has been since 2007. 

Emery is also certified with Australian Stainless Steel Development Association.

All of our products are Designed to meet OH&S requirements.

All of our products are designed and manufactured to minimise Infection Risks

Emery Industries offers 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee on all of our manufactured Stainless Steel products and a 2 year warranty

Proven Project Delivery – reduce your risk

Three Phase Quality Assurance benchmark

Safe and on time delivery

Australian Made

All of Emery Industries Stainless Steel products are Australian Made, always have been, always will be.