MTK1-3B411/TFTF6 - Waterloo Medtrx Patient Cassette Cart

MTK1-3B411/TFTF6 – Waterloo Medtrx Patient Cassette Cart

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Waterloo Healthcare’s full-sized Best key locking medication cart with drawers and up to 40 individual patient bins.  Two keys are included for the Best central lock.
Shown with optional colour drawer trim
Right Drawers (Half Sized) from top-down:
  • 4″ With separate Best narcotics lock (includes two keys)
  • 4″
  • 10″
  • 10″
Left Drawers (Full Sized) from top-down:
  • Cassette #1 (Shown with 3″ bins)
  • Cassette #2 (Shown with 5″ bins)
  • Cassette #3 (Shown with 3″ bins)
  • Cassette #4 (Shown with 5″ bins)
  • 6″ Full Size Drawer






Waterloo Healthcare medication carts offer quality, security and flexibility. With two locking options and flexible custom configuration, the Medtrx-series carts will fit the needs of any facility.
Our Medtrx series is available in two sizes. Our full size cart offers half size drawers on the left for storage and supplies and space for up to 50 patient bins or full size drawers on the right. We also have a half size cart (Halftrx) for use where space is limitied. This cart can hold full size storage drawers, patient bins or a mix of both.

Standard Features
– Tamper resistant Best ® locking mechanism maintains secured storage of all components
– Styled push handles
– Open/Closed warning label on both sides
– Optional narcotic lock (not available on 76mmH drawers)


Part Number: MTK1-4B411/TFTF6
Item: Waterloo Medtrx Patient Cassette Cart Systems
Dimensions (including castors): 991w x 508d x 1092h mm

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