Pharmacy Solutions

Complete, efficient storage and dispensing systems through innovation

Pharmashelve are global providers of innovative pharmaceutical storage and dispensary solutions. With over 40 years design experience, our range of ergonomic, design-led interior systems deliver economical, quality and efficient solutions to the modern pharmacy.

Our extensive range includes sloping modular shelving, integral workstations, automated picking systems and hand-held selection and verification devices.

Providing a complete service to hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare professionals and all types of dispensaries, we deliver all the support and guidance you will need – from the initial site survey and 3-d dispensary modeling, to installation of major capital projects.

Designed for you

Pharmashelve is the latest storage solution developed specifically for pharmacists who are faced with the problem of freeing up enough internal space for customer consultations or storing the increasing number of products available on the market that they are expected to stock.

Research was carried out amongst pharmacists to identify the main problems and issues faced each day and the features that could be incorporated to solve these problems.

Easy to install

Only a basic knowledge of simple DIY techniques need to be used to have the Pharmashelve shelving system up and running in no time.

More storage, less space

Built as the ultimate in space saving storage, Pharmashelve units and their individual design components are exclusive to Pharmashelve and demonstrate pharmaceutical storage solutions at their most efficient.

Pharmashelve has been designed to provide a clean, cost effective and easy to use storage solution based on the product ranges stocked by most pharmacists.

Clean and easy to maintain

Pharmashelve has been designed to be hygienic and easy to clean with simple lines and fewer dust traps ensuring Pharmashelve is practical to use as well as attractive on the eye.

A winning price

With all the design features and ease of use, you will be surprised to find out that Pharmashelve is in fact priced below competitive systems on the market:

– Designed specifically for pharmacists

– Easy to install

– Strong and durable

– Flexible design

– Already utilised by the UK’s leading chemist

To find out how much you could save by installing Pharmashelve, give one of our account managers a call today on 1300 618 100.