Hospital Procurement

We understand your role in the process and want to do everything we can to make your task as easy as possible.

Below is how we categorise your activities and what we do to assist you in each area.

To maximize value for money in the acquisition of goods and services through fair, open and transparent purchasing practices which comply with all applicable federal and provincial legislation and trade agreements, resulting in the highest quality service delivery.

Guiding Principles

  • Customer Satisfaction To procure quality goods and services in the appropriate quantity and time to fully satisfy customer requirements and assist in providing the highest standards in patient care.
  • Business Analysis To support sound business analysis and encourage meaningful participation of suppliers in a competitive process prior to the establishment of a business relationship or contract award.
  • Process To solicit, using the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, tenders or proposals from which to make a choice for award of a purchase order or contract. The form of competitive bidding, solicitation and contract will be auditable, open, without favoritism and the most appropriate for the related requirement.
  • Risk Management To reduce business risk and the potential for internal and external conflicts of interest through the application of specific and transparent policies. To ensure patient and staff safety are considered in all purchasing decisions.
  • Employee Productivity/Satisfaction To provide clear direction and expectations for employees.
  • Value for Money To maximize value for money in all acquisitions, applying leading practices such as Total Cost of Ownership analysis when making purchasing decisions.
  • Licenses To ensure that all purchases are licensed as documented in the hospital’s purchasing procedures.
  • Donations, Research or Educational Funds To promote fair and equitable treatment of all suppliers, donations of funds to support research (outside a Research grant or agreement), education or other endeavors will not grant preferential treatment to suppliers who provided them.
  • Information Practices To ensure that all activities are in compliance with the hospital’s Information Practices policy.
  • Dealing with Suppliers To treat suppliers with courtesy, fairness, respect, honesty and professionalism and to ensure that no supplier has an unfair advantage over its competitors. To respect and not disclose Suppliers’ confidential information.


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