Architects/Builders/Project Managers

Our ever growing portfolio of projects means we can provide you with practical solutions when Designing, Building and Fitting out a new facility and we want to do everything we can to make your task as easy as possible.

Emery Industries goals in this are to assist you to maximize value for money in the acquisition of goods and services, resulting in the highest quality service delivery.

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Let us work with you to come up with the look you are trying to achieve for the client. We understand the functional aspects of the areas we provide products. We also have creative solutions to medical and health facilities with experience from international projects as well as many domestic projects.





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We understand you are trying to match the functional requirements of the client, whilst managing your costs. Our experience in hospital projects is extensive and continues to grow as word of mouth marketing expands our market exposure. We will be able to offer you creative and cost effective solutions.



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Our job is to assist you in minimising the risks present in your project. We can help you by working with you to identify the required list of products for each functional area in the facility and manage the production/supply of the products to ensure they are available when areas are released for fitout and operational purposes.



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